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June 19 2013

Much Ado About Nothing U.S. theater listing for the week of June 21st. An updated, official listing of U.S. theaters that will be showing the film starting 6/21.

Any ideas when it will be in Arkansas? Specifically Rogers or Fayetteville? This is killing me.
OMG, my town has been added!!! I've been moaning about being left out, but now I can see it on the big screen!
I had been on a rampage because Philadelphia was not included in the initial list. Now I see it is, so I will quietly sit back down. :) Oh, and YAY!

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Unfortunately, this may be the final list of national theaters. I can't confirm that, but 6/21 has been touted as the 'national release' for some time now. I know a theater near me tried to get it and didn't have any luck.

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There is a difference between the nationwide release and any sense of finality. Regal has been running a poster contest the winner of which gets displayed at Regal cinemas starting 6/28. Combined with the lack of Regals on the 6/21 list and I suspect there is another expansion next week, of some kind.
We'll see I suppose. Regal Theaters has the film listed as 'coming soon' on their company website (though June 7th is listed as the default date). Independent films work in mysterious ways.
Huzzah! Rochester, NY made the list!

Condolences to those without such luck. I hope you get it on the 28th!
+1 to Rochester.

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