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June 19 2013

A neat piece on Joss's use of the "snap zoom" in Firefly, and how it has influenced action cinematography.

Yeah, this always struck me as a great sci-fi innovation, much as Kubrick and Lucas having a "camera mounted in space" was a big departure from old sci fi with a wire carrying a model from screen left to screen right. Someone tried to tell me BSG did it first but I always wondered how that was possible with Firefly preceeding it.
If you watch the BSG pilot (miniseries), you'll catch a quick glimpse of Serenity. This was the VFX team's way to give a nod to the show that clearly inspired much of the BSG effects. Just another quiet way that Joss has changed the TV/cinema landscape without anyone really taking notice :)
From what I recall the BSG pilot and Firefly were filmed at the same time.
I believe so too, but I think general impression (??) is Firefly is considered very, very slightly before because of Serenity flying through the shot? But I don't know for sure.
The Battlestar Galactica mini-series (back door pilot) didn't go into production until late 2002 after Firefly had already aired. Firefly pilot was filmed almost a year earlier.
I had to dig in the archives as I was only half remembering. &

The visual effects in Firefly influenced BSG but Ron Moore had never seen Firefly at that time.

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