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June 19 2013

Dark Horse Presents #25 (featuring a Buffy Season 9 tale) is out this week. The issue features the first part of a Billy story penned by Jane Espenson and drawn by Karl Moline.

I went to my local shop to check this out. Hey, nice cover, this might be pret- OH MY GOD IT'S EIGHT DOLLARS. For like five pages of comic that I care about. And it's part 1 of 3? Hm, well, is there a digital version? Indeed, and it's also eight dollars.

As a completist who is enjoying S9, it pains me to say that they've priced me out of this, but there is no way I am spending $24 on what is essentially a single comic. A Billy comic, no less.
Yeah I ponied up the funds but was a bit reluctant. I don't have too much to say on the story so far, it was just alright. I don't feel invested in these characters.
@Mr. Patient:

Dark Horse have a very great habit of reprinting the stories out of Dark Horse Present as a traditional comic (traditional price included). It's the way they structure most of the stories in the anthology: eight pages spread over three parts, pretty much a normal issue length. If you're a completest just wait for a while it it should become available. Or they may just shove is in one of the Buffy tpbs.
I wouldn't be shocked at all if this was eventually reprinted in a one-shot in the not-too distant future.

I also think it's probably a given that the whole story will be reprinted in both a season nine TPB and hardcover.

As for the story itself, it's pretty generic. Billy is still the Poochie of the franchise.
Lol "Poochie".

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