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June 19 2013

Much Ado About Nothing Canadian theaters for the week of June 21st. Theater showtimes & locations from search listings.

Looks like there are only 4 theaters in Ontario and 1 in Montreal, Quebec. There are 2 theaters in Toronto starting June 19.

No Victoria yet. Sigh.

Waiting for the wider wide opening, I guess. It'll get here eventually.
Well, this is a small film. We don't know how wide a release it will be in the end. I keep hearing that eOne doesn't do well with the smaller releases.
I'd be surprised if it never opened here or in Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Ottawa etc.
Toronto is two screens in one theatre. It opened last weekend.
thanks for the info. Alas, as I anticipated I will not be seeing this on the big screen unless I get a much larger television for the DVD release. Sad face.
I was hoping it would at least make it to Edmonton. Bummer.

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