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June 19 2013

Much Ado about Nathan Fillion and Clark Gregg. A great interview with 2 fun guys who spend the entire time riffing off each other.

Today I learned that Clark Gregg is a comic genius!
That was a wonderful, wonderful read. Great find. Clark's "I went to a Molière brunch with Michael Bay" was pure gold.
This cracked me up! Clark & Nathan should team up & do a film together!
That was fun. And I was biting into a tater tot at the exact moment I read Clark Gregg's remark about tater tots. That must mean...something. Right?
These guys are hilarious together! Can they just film a weekly Whedonverse brunch, even without the Shakespeare? I'm sure they can monetize it on Youtube.
Nice to hear a call out for Martin Sexton. Guy has a great voice.

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