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June 19 2013

Total Film: In conversation with Joss Whedon. Total Film talks to Whedon about, well, a lot of things: Shakespeare, Much Ado, Avengers 2, Firefly, Buffy, Angel, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

OMG! Joss had had plans to bring James Marsters, Amy Acker, and Alexis Denisoff onto Firefly for at least one episode?!?!?! Why had we never heard about this before? And why couldn't he have made a webisode of it, just avoiding calling it Firefly... or Serenity.... This is like the most awesome thing I'll never get to see, but now I really long for! LOL
I think I wanted to hit that interviewer! ;)
Those were some great questions! I'd like to see Joss's Prince Hal. And oh my god, that Firefly idea! I can't deal with that. And a performance in the cargo bay, too.

(Okay, that cargo bay bit seems minor, but in the past I may have thought out how it could be used as an auditorium. And how a Firefly-class ship could be converted into a showboat that could travel around the outer planets putting on performances. Joss has said science fiction and musicals should never be combined, but I say piffle! Anyway, carry on.)
Joss has said science fiction and musicals should never be combined, but I say piffle! Anyway, carry on.)

Yes, I would also be inclined to part ways with him on that front (assuming it's done well, of course.)

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Nice interview, though the background music was distracting. I actually looked the other week for details the Firefly Shakespeare episode as I remember Joss talking about it years ago.
Yeah, the music is annoying. He's wearing his Equality Now Tshirt! I loved his expression and reaction to the Fan Fiction question.And people have got to stop asking him about Quicksilver. This is at least the 2nd time, he has refused to answer that.

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