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"Oh my god, it's grotesque! Oh, and there's something in a jar."
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October 04 2002

Pics from OMWF signing. Cinescape has exclusive pics of Joss, Amber and Michelle from a signing in Sunset Boulevard last Saturday.

And Amber sang along to the soundtrack as well.

Heh. 'signing' is an anagram of 'singing'. How appropriate.
joss was looking... rough.
Next to MT everyone looks rough, I'm sure.
How adorable is Michelle? It's almost hard to remember her "Harriet the Spy" days---and we watch her almost nightly as 'Nona' on Noggin's airing of "The Adventures of Pete and Pete". She's just a doll. A rather TALL doll, however. ;)
Glad that they had such a blast.

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