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March 02 2004

UPN takes a pass on picking up Angel .... and even regrets picking up Buffy. This report comes by way of SyFyPortal. No confirmation from the studio or the network on this report has been received.

Bleh. It's too early in the morning for this kind of depressing news *sighs*.
And we're what, surprised by this? Even if it is a rumor, my hopes aren't very high.
I'm still in denial and I'm in hopes that this is infact a rumor. My heart is telling me to believe in something that my brain tells me is impossible.
I still say make the 6th season straight to DVD...but I guess that's just not something they are willing to try.

Actually it's pretty an earlier link it said something about how Bell and Joss are "concerned" about fans giving donations to support the show. Don't they realize that we shell out monthly cable bills...AND $60 bucks per DVD set?

Oh well...

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Well that's funny.....just tonight (still night here) I typed in a different post here that every time I log on I expect to see "UPN says no" as the new blurb. And a couple of hours later.....pffff

Well not surprised. It was a very long shot. Even regret Buffy? Dang..... wonder why they did S7 then.

And yes it says "reportedly is going to say no" which sounds ruomor-y but I'd say UPN is indeed the no-go we feared it would be. Blah.

"Don't they realize that we shell out monthly cable bills...AND $60 bucks per DVD set?"

Uh, yeah but that's stuff we buy, isn't it? Stuff we pay for and get. Their concern would be us spending money and getting bupkiss. Hey we knew it going in, it was a long shot, but worth a try.
Just because a "Viacom source" is rumored to haved leaked this info doesn't mean too much...Yes, Viacom is a parent of UPN but until you hear something directly from UPN I think we are all still on life-support...
Is there any hope of trying TNT then ? This is so damn depressing. Don't any of these stations want quality programming anymore?
Seeing what we're being fed these days as 'entertainment'....I'd say no, they don't want quality programming. They want cheap shows that have people yell at each other, eat worm poo and be buried in guts to 'win'.....depressing indeed.
Ok, I am STILL in denial! I say that until EVERY network says no to picking up Angel (which they would be VERY stupid for) I wont accept that Angel is over.
Well, this is sad news, I guess I was in so much denial I didn't even see this post and when I couldn't help but find this link on my own I posted it too. Oops, I swear I scanned every post to see if it was here first too.
Let's just hope SyFy Portal is wrong and this is still rumor.
I confirmed this with Mutant Enemy.
It's okay RootBoy42 - I've made the same error after checking first to only find out I did miss the link the first time.

We'll always have our DVD sets to watch and we, hopefully, will have the Firefly movie to look forward to.

I don't regret writing letters or signing petitions because it felt good to fight for a worthy cause.
Dont give up! UPN isn't the only network out there!
Yes, but what chance is there of another network picking Angel up? I don't think it's very likely. I want to hope, but it just makes it more difficult in the end. I'm so depressed right now.
I'm 100% not surprised -- David Fury's comments at the Revue plus Allyson's posts had convinced me that UPN wouldn't pick up Angel. So then why do I feel so doubly sad and angry all over again? There must have been some droplet of hope percolating in the more primitive, childlike corner of my brain that is impervious to reason. (Not that I'm saying anyone who has nurtured hope is primitive or childlike! I appreciate all the fan campaigning mightily.)

Damnit. The ending of the Buffy/Angelverse on tv is hitting me hard. I don't watch anything else except "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and "Sopranos." But they don't do it for me like an ME show. This is profoundly sad. Not surprising, but terribly sad nevertheless. I hope the cast and crew all find great jobs after Angel wraps for good.

I guess I'll still hope against hope for a Buffy/Angel spinoff or something. Anything to keep that 'verse alive. And please oh please let a Firefly movie go ahead. Asap.

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Allyson, I just want to make sure I understand you correctly--are you saying that you spoke with ME and they confirmed that UPN officially passed on the show? I think that's what you're saying...
It doesn't make sense that the UPN regrets taking Buffy. They were all for a season 8, from what I've heard. I suppose it's possible that they were losing money and a season 8 would have let them finally turn a profit, but who knows. And really, the UPN has NO shows worth watching. Besides Enterprise, they seem to be catering only to the African-American market. I think they should branch out a bit if they want to become a serious network.
I think everyone understands that a show becomes much more expensive after five seasons, so it's not such a suprise that UPN and others may pass. However, that Angel is going out on top, with great episodes and a great fan base, must make the chances of a new show from ME very likely.
I can see a 'TNG' type show happening within a couple of years.
I spoke to Angel this morning and they confirmed that UPN passed on Angel.

It's really time to let go.
you spoke to angel?
Well, not the character.
Allyson-You spoke to somebody at ME who works on Angel and they confirmed UPN passed? Just want to be sure I understand.

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Thanks Allyson, for clearing that up. I was kind of hoping I misunderstood you but alas, no.
I can't wait for a big Joss interview where he would answer questions about the Angel cancellation, what plans he has for the Buffyverse, and whether he would ever do another TV show after all his problems with the different networks.

Will there ever be another Buffy spinoff? Please, please!
A rumor on the world wide web? Who would've thought...
I remember reading something after Buffy was over that the person who now is in charge of UPN (can't remember her name) said that if she had been in charge at the time, UPN never would've taken on Buffy. I remember it because I was really annoyed by that statement because Buffy was their highest rated program and I don't think they've had a show yet that has gotten those numbers. So I am not surprised that they don't want Angel after hearing that person make that comment.
Demonica, the official word from Jeff Bell's office is, "while Angel was discussed with UPN, the official word is that it's not a financially viable show for that network."

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