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"What'd you all order a dead guy for?"
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June 20 2013

A review of the Agent Coulson action figure (featuring Clark Gregg). A truly wonderful thing to watch.

That was a hoot.
"So, they took the sculpt a 2 or 3 years ago?"
Clark is such a sport. Really funny.
What fun. He's really come into his own, hasn't he? I rather expected to see him lying back with something protruding from his chest.
"Ooh, that hurts! Oh, ow. I'm sorry I killed you out of the franchise..." "You ok there? Let it out."

Damn. As if I needed another reason to hate being unemployed. COULSOOOOOON!

And by the way? The current quote for me is "Come here tiny man! You are small and toy-like!"
He's my hero.
Adorkable. Clark Gregg is going to become such a superstar with SHIELD.

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