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June 20 2013

Listen to "My Playlist with Joss Whedon". Joss took over BBC Radio 1 for an hour last night and much hilarity and good music ensued (the radio show appears to be accessible outside the UK).

It seems to be working in the US.
Haven't listened to it yet (beyond checking that the BBC player is functioning), but I can still look more carefully at the list of songs on that web page.

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Works in Australia.
Oh good, I'm just so used to BBC stuff not being accessible. Also how cool is it to hear Remains on Radio 1?
Works in Canada!
Works in Brazil....
Wished it could be downloaded like the podcasts BBC do, instead of just streaming.
Oh, Remains from Dollhouse! How nice to hear that.
First time I've listened to Radio 1 in years - that was so cool.
Listening to Remains right now. If Joss was on Radio 1 every week I'd tune in.

And now I'm visualizing Joss as Black Widow O.o
Solid playlist.

That said, a few years back, Joss included the Dixie Chicks' cover of Patty Griffin's Top of the World on his iTunes Celebrity Playlist. Ever since then, I've been hoping to see her name pop up in relation to his, as they're my two favourite writers... well, ever.

Still, I wait!
This is a lot of fun, I'm glad I can hear it in the USA. I kind of wish Joss included 'Sigh No More' but of course I'm glad he included the Dollhouse song.
Just started listening to this. It's also the first time I've listened to any radio outside of a shared smart car in ages... so odd/delightful to be hearing Joss doing radio-person-type stuff instead of seeing him speak in print or video!

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Yeah, fun to hear his radio dj voice with the hint of an English accent creeping in.
Pardon me while I have a Harold and Maude moment.

I don't think I've ever heard that particular recording of "Trouble" before. Nice find.

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Phil's song picks could've been a whole lot more interesting. Fun show regardless.
Glad he picked Remains!

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