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June 20 2013

Eight heroes Tor.Com would love to see in Agents of SHIELD. Some good suggestions include the Brian K. Vaughan created and Whedon written Runaways.

Now I'm just sad that we're not getting a Runaways TV show.
I think it would be more interesting to go back to the early Runaways. As in, SHIELD is fighting against the (still operating) Pride, with the kids getting caught in the confusion.
I'm curious about what the politics are regarding X-Men characters. Aren't TV rights separate from movie rights? Wouldn't that mean they could have Blindfold and Armor make appearances? Or S.W.O.R.D and Special Agent Abigail Brand? Or Ord?
Those were all introduced by Joss, by the way.
Wow, three-quarters of these characters actually go back to when I was still following Marvel!
All of these sound good to me!
Of all those choices, Runaways would be my dream guests, and yes, the Pride should be involved too. But perhaps it would distract too much from the show's central characters.
I'd like to se Jen Walters, attourney. Pre-transfusion. Yes, I keep hammering this point, but after reading Dan Slott's run on She-Hulk, I just can't pretend not to think she's one of the most interesting under-used characters of the Marvel multiverse.

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