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June 20 2013

Crave Online talks about "the best Buffy episode ever". "It's actually the Best Episode Ever put on television".

No show ever has or ever will come close to Buffy so I agree wholeheartedly with this choice!
I'm kind of split between OMWF and The Body for best episode of anything ever. Restless isn't far behind, and Hush and Innocence aren't far behind that.
Always nice to see season six get some love, and OMWF is -- well, you know, it's OMWF.
I can't argue with this choice. And I also thought the argument for the episode and the season were really well thought out. Who hasn't had a rough day at work and just wanted to say "give me something to sing about"?

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That was a really good article, and hey, it's always nice to see season six get some love, it's my second favorite season and that's only because of season 3 having Faith.

Now sing with me!

Every single night the same engagement.

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OMWF is the episode I always use to show to people who have never seen "Buffy." No, it's not representative of the series, but it has worked well as a gateway drug :)
Shapenew, I can't imagine. The reason it is so great is because of 106 hours of backstory. As "the best tv ever" it is wonderfully enjoyable but I could not get anyone into BtVS without an extensive "previously on".

I actually am having a hard time thinking of individual tv eps better than OMwF, Hush, Restless, or the Body. I'm obsessed wjtb a lot of shows and the closet I can think of that are not Joss shows are a few from Six Fet Under, Dexter, and Fringe.
I actually am having a hard time thinking of individual tv eps better than OMwF, Hush, Restless, or the Body. I'm obsessed wjtb a lot of shows and the closet I can think of that are not Joss shows are a few from Six Fet Under, Dexter, and Fringe.

Out of Gas, Objects in Space, A Hole in the World, and maybe the final episode of Life... if not better, at least equal.

Amazing really, when you consider how many shows Joss has penned or overseen that are light years ahead of anything else. The racehorse Man o'War once won a race, beating the next horse by a hundred lengths. So much of Joss' work is like that.
OMWF is my most watched BtVS episode ever, a little ahead of the others mentioned here - The Body, Restless, probably Hush - as well as the episode whose ending-quoting shirt I happen to be wearing right now, The Gift. Great to read great Buffy respect and love, and season six love, as well (probably my second-favorite season).
"Innocence" or "Becoming pt. 2" will always be close to the top -- but those are arc-dependent... "Once More with Feeling" and "The Body" are as perfect as stand-alones as you can get.

As for other shows, I can think of a few from other show, like Twin Peaks (some of the David Lynch directed ones are purely amazing) or maybe Community, which has a few gorgeous stand-alones. The Wire is forever amazing, but it's incredibly hard for me to separate episodes out from the season-long storytelling. The Simpsons has too many great, iconic episodes for me to pick out...
Restless and Objects in Space are the finest episodes made for TV. Pure prime time poetry. Watching them can be rather close to meditating.
Really depends on which mood I'm in. Gosh, Joss pretty much nailed it across the board. Think I would scream if push came to shove and I had to pick only one.

Ahh, guess I'm taking a walk, sorry!
It's wonderful to see the love for Season 6.

I've just finished a re-watch of the entire series and I was quite surprised how much more I enjoyed Season 6 now I'm a bit older.

'OMWF' is my all time favourite episode of BTVS - the songs have held up very nicely after all these years.

I'm also in love with Anya's 'reprise' song in 'Selfless'.
I've been humming, "I will be his Mr's" for the last 3 days in a row!
Agreed with this. and "Under Your Spell" in the episode is sung by a woman to another woman but the lyrics are basically universal and it could have been a breakout song if any opo singers covered show tunes anymore. (Just like "Sunrise, Sunset," in the radio version, doesn't have to be a JEwish-only marriage song.)

And "Rest In Peace," as arc-important as it is, also has universal lyrics and could've bee a breakout. (But, sadly, Juy, Nat, Bing, Sammy, Rosemary,Dean, and Frank were all gone by the time this was aired.)
DaddyCat, there is that line about "If my heart could beat..." but that's the only thing that holds it back. I know I've belted out that song often enough... particularly when grappling with unrequited love!

OMWF was my gateway drug, but I'm such a storyteller that I can't bear to start other newbies on it. Too late in the game.
ManEnoughToAdmitIt: Yes, I regard that line, along with "I died so many years ago" and "Whisper in a dead man's ear" as could-be-metaphoricals. And in "Under Your Spell," "Brought me out so easily" probably does refer to a personal shell, not a sexual closet, since Tara wasn't actually closetted when Willow met her. He says with a straight face.
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