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June 20 2013

Joss appears on The Colbert Report tonight. The show airs at 11:30 Eastern time. Come discuss!

Oh my Zod. Worlds colliding. This is a winning combination, like when I heard that Neil Patrick Harris is going to play Hedwig (as in Hedwig and the Angry Inch) on Broadway next year.
No Joss so far, but I do believe that when the show opened up, the entire audience was chanting JOSS WHEDON! Over and over.

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Here he comes... Joss will be on TV in just another minute!
(I need to get a grip)
Oh, how I love them both.

My favorite exchange (as best I can remember it):

Colbert: So it's like a will they or won't they? (re: Beatrice and Benedick)
whedon: Oh, it's THE original will they or won't they.
Colbert: So, sort of a Buffy and Angel thing.
Whedon: Yes, I think that's what he was going for.
I liked the very beginning a lot.
Colbert: I'm a big fan of your work.
Whedon: Me too. I mean, of YOUR work!
Me too, Puddinhead. They both seemed cute and nervous about meeting each other....more than understandable, considering!

And Joss again mentioned that he'd like to do a ballet. Dance of joy, indeed!
I may send Joss my 2015 income if Tony Stark's new glowing power source thingy is planted on his fanny.
Let me add that I am always impressed by how hard Joss not only works on his art, but on getting the word about said art out. The Much Ado press tour has been varied and aggressive, despite the fact that his neck is (willfully and occasionally gleefully, I'd guess) under the Marvel/Disney boot these days. No surprise that his efforts on promotion for yet another passion project are so strong, just thought it should be mentioned. Dude's an inspiration on several levels.
Why oh why is the Colbert Nation website not allowed to show me videos? Silly copyright *sulks in corner*
And here's the link for the interview for those who missed (unfortunately it is blocked for certain countries like the UK or Australia, though it's fine for watching from Brazil for example):

And there's some fun content also from Colbert's intro:

ETA: Short, but very sweet. Enough content to inform non-fans, but some very cool content for fans.
Also, "can i call you Joey?"

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I just watched the whole episode (from the UK using some clever Chrome add ons) and thoroughly enjoyed it. Colbert is more than a match for Joss's wit.

Btw - why do American shows go to an ad break right near the end, only for the show to back on and say 'Good bye' and roll the credits?! Whacky yanks...
I can confirm that this link works in Sweden:
This link right here.
That's no guarantee it'll work anywhere else, but it seems to suggest that it should at least work in some countries that get Comedy Central.
@Mare my favorite bit was

Colbert: So it's like a will they or won't they? (re: Beatrice and Benedick)
whedon: Oh, it's THE original will they or won't they.
Colbert: So, sort of a Buffy and Angel thing.
Whedon: Yes, I think that's what he was going for.

too. Just the way Joss said it was beautiful!
Here is a direct link to the clip with Joss's interview (not the full episode):

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"The interview will be critically acclaimed but cancelled half way through."
The Colbert episode is now up in Canada on The Comedy Network - full episode.
Thanks spaceguy!
"Yes, that seemed like a perfectly reasonable segue..."
I found it odd to see Joss Whedon as "straight man." I felt Colbert tried too hard to out wit the witty Joss (and Shakespeare too). Still a fan of Joss. Less impressed with Colbert.

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I thought both did fine, but Colbert is a hard show to be on. Joss got off a couple zingers, which was nice. But ultimately the design of the show is in Colbert's favor. And Joss basically handled it correctly: take Colbert's silly question, and answer the serious question at the heart of it.

Plus, it'll always be worth it for "I think that's what he was going for."
I think it must have been hard for such a big Marvel fan to ask Joss questions about Shakespeare.

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