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June 21 2013

Tom Lenk interviews Joss about Much Ado and their mutual mancrush on Nathan Fillion.

That's Caroline's pic of Joss. And I should know, I was there when she took it. I wonder if they got it off his Wikipedia page as it used there for a while.

Aside from that, interesting insight into Reed Diamond's character.
So, in that article, the Advocate just used my picture of Joss without credit. It's got a Attribution-ShareAlike Creative Commons copyright on it, so they can use it all they want, but not without a credit.
It's a wonderful photo, Caroline. I hope that they properly credit you for it.
Just got word from The Advocate that they'll be adding the credit soon.
Wow, that was a great interview! Tom asked questions no one else has asked, and really brought out all kinds of new insights and thoughts from Joss. Tom should do more interviews!
Great pic Caroline!I wish mine could come out that good.
'And thanks for not asking, “Why Shakespeare?” “Why Much Ado?” “Why black and white?”'

SO true! I can't even count the number of interviews I've read with all the same questions.
Credit is up, btw.

What caught my attention the most is the bit where Joss says, "My whole career has been one long cry for help." More grist for my theory that Billy, Topher, and the Trio -- and maybe Sitterson & Hadley from "Cabin" (Jenkins & Whitford) -- are all Joss self-portraits...
SuperScuba, that was my favorite bit in the interview. Tom brought out some really fun/interesting answers with his questions for Joss.
Can I just say how much I adore Tom Lenk?
This is the best Much Ado interview.

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