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June 21 2013

Julie Benz on Buffy and Angel and strong women characters. She tells SciFiNow that working on Buffy and Angel was very empowering for her.

Gosh, Julie is just as lovely as ever, that girl doesn't age at all! Starting to wonder if she really is a vamp;)

Wishing her the best and looking forward to her next project. Hope this doesn't sound old fashion but, "Break a leg, Julie!"
I was thinking exactly the same thing, Madhatter. Well, except for the vamp part. I haven't seen this new show of hers. Is it any good?
"As Darla, she was dusted and resurrected more times than Buffy (and that was a lot)."

Darla was only dusted twice... admittedly that's a fairly high number for vampires, but it equals Buffy's deaths. Unless they're counting her death at the hands of the Master? Which, while not a dusting, would count as a third death.

Aside from that rather enjoyable minor quibble, a lovely brief article. The way genre allows for strong female characters is also an appeal for me... and it's sad that we still have to turn to genre in order to find such characters routinely.
ManEnoughToAdmitIt: If you count her human deaths, she died four times. Her first death was at the hands of the Master, her second was at the hands of Angel, her third was at the hands of Drusilla, and her fourth was by her own hands.
That phrasing was funny... since Buffy was never "dusted", not being a vampire, and was resurrected only once. Bringing someone back from clinical death with CPR does not constitute "resurrection".

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