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June 22 2013

"Much Ado About Nothing is one of the best films of the year". Says Sheila O'Malley of

I'm going to see it in a hour for the first (of many) time(s)!
I bet Roger Ebert would have loved this movie.
Just saw it! Even my husband liked it, and he never likes anything.
I would have loved to see a Roger Ebert review...sigh.
I don't know what Ebert would have thought about it.

The printed review of "Serenity" could have talked about the dialogue, or the humor, or if the 1st-time director showed any promise. Instead, Ebert spent time talking about what he imagined the sound foley was doing.

He liked Serenity and Avengers enough to give them 3/4 stars and said they were well done. Buf after reading the reviews, it seemed like he didn't have strong feelings one way or the other. It might be that he wouldn't have found this movie to his tastes, either. (He also gave "Cabin" 3 stars, but kept referring to the protagonists as "stock archetypes", which shows that he wasn't as engaged by the movie as he could have been.)
I just saw it for my first time with a "crowd" of a dozen. My first thought was wondering when it was going to get better - then it did - better and funnier the whole way through. The entire audience, small as it was, gave a standing O when it ended. Joss fixed all of the inconsistencies of the Branaugh version and making Conrade a woman completely changed the meaning of some of Don John's dialogue (for the better).

Congratulations, Joss and the cast! Great job. Alexis, Amy and Nathan really stand out, but there are no weak links in the cast. Also, make sure to pay attention to the list of "extras" in the credits - lots of familiar names in that group.
I saw it last night with a friend who was familiar with other versions of it. I was prepared to love Amy's Beatrice, and she did not disappoint. Not as impressed with Alexis' delivery of some lines, or with some of the minor players.

But Fran's Claudio just blew me away! There were times when he was speaking when I literally could not breathe. Why are more people not talking about his performance? It's Oscar-worthy.

Sean's Don John was stellar. He really should be cast as a villian more often. Nathan, Tom Lenk and the Watch were golden.

Loved the house, the lighting, the music. Enjoyed seeing and hearing Jed and Maurissa.

My friend enjoyed it but overall wasn't as impressed with most of the acting as I was. To each their own, I guess.

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