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June 22 2013

3 canceled shows that could do wonders for Netflix stock. Dollhouse is in their top 3! And of course Firefly gets a mention.

Warehouse 13 and Terriers also have Whedonverse connections.
From what I know of Dollhouse, I haven't gotten 'round to it yet, it seems like it actually has some leeway for a continuation.
Terriers was a great show! It gets my vote.
@TenTonParasol There's definitely room for more Dollhouse if somebody decided to make it. Halfway through the series they introduced a dystopian future where the Dollhouse's technology has gone viral and created a bizarre sort of high-tech zombie apocalypse. It's a really cool setting, and we only got a couple glimpses of it, so it would be pretty awesome to set new episodes there.

The problem is that I doubt Joss would be interested, mostly because Dollhouse is owned by Fox. Even if he's able to work on something like that while he's under contract with Marvel, he probably wants to do more Much Ado type stuff with his new Bellwether studio.

Granted, I would love to be proven wrong on this, but I wouldn't wait for it underwater.
I don't see much fan support out there for more Dollhouse -- I bet that there'd be more interest in continuing the storyline of Angel, not to mention the "F" word: Firefly.

Actually, if Netflix announced that they had an exclusive deal with JOSS WHEDON to create original content -- either short form one-offs like Dr. Horrible or mini-series like Wastelanders, I could see their stock rising.
Terriers was sublime - the best of Tim Minear's great cancelled shows. I'd pay cashy money to get that back again - just to see which direction they go when the light turns green....
While I'd love to see Dollhouse back, I don't think it will happen.

There is still a Terrier's shaped hole in my heart. It pains me to talk about it! I would pay cash money, too, to see it back.
Terriers always, Terriers forever. The first show since Firefly that stole me like Firefly.
Not for nothing: the ninth episode of Terriers was co-written by Kelly Wheeler, official Firefly show blogger and she of the Blue Sun cola ad in "Ariel".

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I would personally love it if Dollhouse was given another chance. However, I'd rather see them go in the more philosophical route they were heading toward before the Epitaph business started.
Dollhouse had potential, but a lot went wrong on that show. I've seen enough of it. But the ideas they had in the beginning I would like to see explored again in a different way.
And if Terriers went on Kickstarter I would be very happy. I need closure and a Terriers movie would be nice!

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