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June 22 2013

Happy Birthday, Joss! The Big Damn Bard turns 49 today.

This has been a great year for Joss... and I hope they just keep getting better!
Happy Birthday, Joss! Here's to another wonderfully Whedon-filled year.
Happy Birthday, Joss!
Happy Birthday to our Big Purple One!
Happy birthday Joss!! My wife and I just saw 'Much Ado' earlier today, twas thoroughly enjoyed. Wishing you a very happy birthday and much continued success.
Oh, Happy Name Day, Big Purple. May this coming year be one of continued hugey big success!

We loves ya!
My husband and I saw "Much Ado" this evening. This was the first time in 25 years of marriage that he actually talked about a movie. He liked it very much, and thought the actors were all excellent. (They were! Fran Kranz! Wow!)

Anyway, once again, Happy birthday, dear Joss!
How do I always forget that Joss' birthday is the day after my brother's?

Happy Birthday, Joss Whedon! Thnk you so much for bringing us such great works! You're my favorite writer (/director/producer/creative person), and I could never repay you for what you've given. Congratulations on the great successes of the past two years, and my deepest wishes for the best possible for you and yours!

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What a great year! Happy birthday Joss! Here's to many more!
Happy birthday, you big damn hero!

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Merry Burps, Joss!

Looking forward to seeing Much Ado this week!
Happy Birthday Joss! Have a great day and another wonderful year!
Happy Birthday Joss! I celebrated by seeing Much Ado and loving it with all my heart.

You're my favorite person that I don't actually know! Thanks for everything.
Happy Birthday and thank you for all you've done and will do!
Happy Birthday Joss! You have changed so many people's lives and I hope you will continue to do so! Here's to your MANY years to come!
Happy Birthday, Joss! Keep writing the wonderful things that you do!
Happy Birthday!!! You've done so much good for so many people, and I want to thank you for that. Here's to changing the world!!
Happy Birthday Joss!
Happy birthday Joss! You've enriched my life immeasurably, in so many ways!
You're a hell of a Man, Mr Whedon....Happy Birthday
Happpy birthday to our Purple Avenger!
Happy Birthday, Joss! I have nothing witty or clever to say but there will be enough of that from others bending themselves like pretzels in hopes to impress. Just have a great day. :)
Happy Birthday Joss!! It's so great that more people are now realising how great you are!!
Happy birthday Joss! Keep up the great work, we'll keep watching :D you got me to watch, and love, a superhero movie - and now Shakespeare - the whedon fandom is immortal.

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Many happy returns!
Happy Birthday to Mr Whedon. Can still remember the excitement I had when I watched the second episode of Buffy for the first time all those years ago. I had laughed at my sister when she told me she was going to watch something called 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'. How wrong I was. So episode 2 was my first dive into the Whedonverse. Keep up the shiny writing :)
Happy birthday!

I just yesterday finished shepherding a childhood friend through all of Buffy and Angel (comics to follow). That's your birthday gift. A new fan.
Happy Birthday, Joss Whedon! Thank you for what you do.
happy happy, mr joss, my big darn hero :-)
Happy brithday, Mr. J! ;-)
Much love to you on your birthday, Joss! Thank you for all that you do.
Joyeux Anniversaire Mr Whedon!!!!! <3
Happy Birthday Joss! it's strange that someone you don't actually know can play a big role in your life. But you've played a role in mine. So thank you.
A very merry Jossmas to all!
I wish Joss cake and time with his family and friends, in that lovely home of yours!

Thanks for all the joy you've brought me over the years.
Happy Birthday Joss, and may it be shiny and family-filled, followed by many many more!
Happy birthday, Joss! You've made the world a better place by creating art that speaks to people! In other words, you're kind of nailing this whole "being human" thing. 49 more years! Much love!
I'm inviting lots of friends to "Much Ado" tonight. Ad multos annos!
Happy Birthday Joss!! *sings* ( I canīt stop the signal- Firfly Music Project - Our Joss Bday song a few years ago)

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Hey babe. Happy day. For you and us.
Happy Birthday, purple proser!
Happy Birthday Joss!!

My wife and I took our kids (11 and 15) to "Much Ado" last night. We all loved it. My wife said "I want Joss to do ALL of Shakespeare!!"

Thank you for providing such joy and heartbreak and laughter through your work.
I will add simple birthday wishes to Joss - have a great one!
Happy birthday Joss!
A very happy birthday to you sir
Happy Birthday Joss. It isn't all on your birthday weekend any more but CSTS still celebrates your big day by raising money for Equality Now.
Happy Birthday Joss! I wish you lots of candies!
Happy Birthday Joss!
I cannot thank you enough for all the joy and great entertainment you have provided me and countless others. You are one of the greatest story-tellers of all time. You never disappoint me and always manage to surprise me.

I also respect your religious and political views. I wish you were president of our country so we can legitimately tackle the grave issues that face our nation.

I hope you enjoy your special day as much as your fans enjoy your work.

Happy Birthday, you brilliant man.
Happy Birthday Jossy-boo! Thanks so much for existing!
Happy Birthday, Joss. May your year be filled with as much Shiny as you've given us.
happy birthday joss!! Thank you for the wonderful worlds u bring to our world.
Happy Birthday, thanks for all you've done and will do!
Happy birthday Joss, and thanks for making the world a whole lot more bearable
Happy Birthday Joss! Many happy returns and stuff. (I never knew that his birthday was a week after mine, that makes me oddly happy.)
I'm so glad you were born, Joss! Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday, Joss! :D
Happy happy birthday! *confetti*
Happy birthday Joss!

I'll make sure to dance the dance of joy in your honor.
May even more of your dreams come true!
Happy Birthday Joss! Congrats on another year of doing "the hardest thing in this world"!
Whoo, happy birthday Joss!
Happy birthday Joss, hope you're enjoying it!
Happy Birthday, oh Purple Prose!
Happy Birthday Joss! Did you know you have the same birthday as my cousin Tommy? Now you do.
Happy Birthday! Hope it was a good one, full of joy. And cake.
Happy B-day! May you have 51 more!
Late to the party, but happy birthday, Joss!
Happy birthday, Joss! I was thinking about you on tthe day. Thanks for all your great works!

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