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June 23 2013

Much Ado makes $762,350 in its first weekend of wide release in the US. That gives it a perfectly respectable per screen average of $3,700, and a total of $1,234,781 since release.

The per screen average ain't shabby.
Dozens of dollars!
And I helped! Saw it Friday in one theatre, took a friend to see it Saturday night at another theater. Plotting another viewing sometime this week...
Yay! Much Ado has probably made its budget back twenty times over at this point. =)
Respectable numbers! This finance geek is itching to know the negative cost though but totally understand those numbers are likely to never leak.

Edited to add that any speculation on cost or profit is pure guessing since as far as I know Bellwether has not said anything. Could have been $100K and it could have been $1M. Also there is no way to know how much of a cut Lionsgate is taking for distribution since it will obviously be a much higher percentage than they would take on a larger film. So even though $1.2m is nothing to sneeze at for a black and white Shakespeare film there is no way to know if Joss&Kai are in the black on this film or not.

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I'm willing to bet that large studio execs are watching the box office of this movie closely. My prediction is that Bellwether Pictures is on the leading edge of a trend towards quality, small-budget films that can make their money back quickly.
I'm thrilled, I hope this insures that it'll still be in theaters NEXT weekend (which will be the first chance I've had to go again). I want to see it in theaters at least one more time. But then I want to buy copies of the DVD for myself and all my friends (hopefully for this Christmas!).
I for one welcome our new small budget overlords.
Joss specifically refused to answer Colbert's question as to how much it cost to make, didn't he? So, yeah, they don't appear to be discussing that. I saw some story saying it was less than it cost to make Dr. Horrible but I don't remember the story sourcing that.
I can imagine a scenario where Lionsgate takes a 20% cut then deducts all marketing and distribution costs from the approximately 50% of the Box office it will receive and returns very little to Bellwether. Maybe not enough to cover costs and all the travel by the cast to support the film. Any profit will probably be made with SVOD/BD/TV deals.
It will be interesting to find out if 'Much Ado About Nothing' does manage to get wider distribution (when all is said and done) than 'Doctor Horrible' did. My understanding (just from comments made online) was that 'Doctor Horrible' cost about $300k to make and made about $3 million from iTunes and DVD sales. I never heard what that meant in terms of how many people saw it (including how many saw it for free online) around the world. Part of the joy of making something small and independent, I would assume, is not in making the big bucks, but in being able to really share your creation globally.
I think on Colbert Joss did say it was less than $1 mil, when asked to define "micro-budget."

I bought 4 tickets and recruited 5 other viewers, so I figure I did my part for opening weekend. Don't know if I'll see it in the theater again - I'd like to, but time and money...

But when it is released on disc, well. That will be a good time.
I believe the quote on Colbert was "less than 1 billion", heh. Though they were then also getting it a bit confused because when you say the Avengers was a $1 billion movie, that's talking about revenue, not cost.
Called my local Regal theater last night asking about this Friday's upcoming giveaway for the fan-created poster. They didn't know about it, but said they had mini posters. Glad to go because they also had bookmarks and sunglasses.
BTW, a bunch of the workers at the local Angelika (Dallas) had these gray Much Ado shirts on that looked quite spiffy. Does anybody know if you can buy them from somewhere? It's the one here.
I got the white sun glasses last night when i went.
Saw the shirt. Not only do I want to buy one, I think that should have been the poster, or one of them.
The Much Ado site doesn't show any screenings yet in my state (or the one with the closest adjoining border), but I'm not shocked, exactly. I'm assuming they'd have the most accurate listings, right?

I'm guessing I'll have to wait for the dvd?
Scraggles, I think most states have been covered (Iowa only has it in Des Moines, but at least it is actually within the border! LOL): what state are you in?
Mississippi, on the coast, closer to the Alabama border.

If I had the freedom to travel any distance, I'd head over to New Orleans, but that's not really gonna happen any time soon, even with this movie as an incentive.

Didn't really see any showings in NW Florida, either, unless I've read it wrong. (still can't travel that far at the moment, but in general terms it's a possibility for a day trip.)
I don't think there are any showings in Ol Miss.
None at all in West Virginia. Even the relatively civilised part. Friends are greatly upset.
Scraggls and apollo11, it can help if you contact your independent theater owner and ask them to get the film (it would reassure them that there is an audience for the film). We don't have a Regal and/or Landmark theater in Iowa, but the Fluer in Des Moines DID get it, and my request for them to get it might have helped.
I'm assuming the college towns further north would be able to do that, and probably will, but living where I do, there ARE no independent theaters. Multi-plex or nothing.
Have a small posse committed to checking it out this weekend. Can't wait, and yes, I do want the shirt reference by KernelM.
I saw this poster and a shirt made from it at my theater on Friday. The tagline on the back was the same: "Shakespeare knew how to throw a party".
Saw it with my family Saturday night, got home and bought the soundtrack, and am going to see it again Thursday. I'm having a hard time with the waiting until then.

Oh, and was so enamored of Amy's performance that on Sunday afternoon I made them watch Fredless with me.
On Rotten Tomatoes it's number fifteen.
Yeah, both BoxOffice Mojo and Rotten Tomatoes have 'Much Ado' at #15, and breaking a million (nation wide gross). So I definitely want it to stay in the theaters longer!
Well, my ticket did not add to the weekend totals, but I got to see the film today. Only six people in the audience, sadly, but there were chuckles a-plenty. I thought the cast was terrific.
Just saw it today. Might try to go again this week, since it's only playing at the art-house theater here in Tulsa, which doesn't keep movies for long (probably because it only has so many screens).
I was surprised there were so many people in my audience here in Charlotte. It was a very decent sized crowd.
Scraggles, I share your pain. There is not a showing within a 5 hour drive of where I am, nor are there any independent theaters. Although we are suppose to get an Alamo draft house next summer...

Months waiting for theater release, now a little longer wait for the DVD i suppose.
5 hours? in this heat? Yikes. If you attempt it, be careful.

If I had the luxury of time, I'd just plan a visit to the big city and stay overnight, so watching the movie would just be part of an adventure. Preferably somewhere WAY up north, with less heat to cope with.

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