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June 23 2013

"The Avengers" now streaming on Netflix Instant. Now every major Joss Whedon-helmed project is available. Netflix's purpose has been fulfilled.

A pleasant surprise on Joss's birthday. "The Avengers" joins the already impressive Whedon line-up, which includes "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", "Angel", "Dollhouse", "Firefly", "Serenity", "Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog" and "Cabin in the Woods". Also "Titan A.E" and "Atlantis: The Lost Empire" if we're counting those.

Is Speed, Waterworld, Alien:Resurrection, Toy Story, The Lion King 2, X-Men and Twister also on there?

Twister is, at least in the U.S. None of the Alien or X-Men films are, though, and no Pixar films (I'm 90% sure, probably because of Starz) nor any of Disney's animated features from the canon. And no Speed or Waterworld.
I had no idea that he was involved with Atlantis: The Lost Empire. I actually just watched that the other day due to a bit of boredom and remembering that I liked it when it came out.
Joss wherever I go *. Nice.

*subject to signal!
I just watched it again on streaming. There's a bit at the end of the movie on Netflix, after the credits, that's different from the version I saw in the theater and on the DVD I rented (from netflix) when it first came out. Nice touch as always. Not sure if this has been noticed by anyone. I wonder how many versions of post-credit bits are out there. Anyone know?
eand, it's not the schawarma scene? I wonder if you get different post credit scenes depending on country. In the US, we got the schawarma scene in theaters and DVD/blu-ray.
Thanks ninja. In the theater (Maryland, USA) I got a short scene involving one of the allies of Loki (maybe Alexis Denisof?) in much make up. And just now saw the scharwarma scene on Netflix streaming.
Wish the UK version would get Angel.
eand, that was in all of the releases, I believe. I've only heard of Europe not getting the schawarma scene but I think everyone got that scene with Thanos. Alexis Denisof played The Other, who appeared toward the beginning.
I saw The Avengers in Maryland, and there was definitely shawarma. You had to wait until the very end of the credits though. Some people left after the first scene with Thanos was over. The Netflix version is the same as what I saw before in the theater.
I loved this the one time I saw it back in May 2012, but I like it much more seeing it a second time a year later. I think I was just too overwhelmed back then to really notice and appreciate many things.
There were countries that did not get the shawarma scene in theatrical release because it was shot too late, if I recall correctly.

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