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June 23 2013

'Much Ado' about BriTANicK. EW article about Brian McElhaney and Nick Kocher.

Oh.My.God. I never saw this Monologue for three thing, I can see why Joss was hooked! I'm really glad these two were willing to do such tiny rolls in 'Much Ado' (they are adorable).
Based on these accolades, it sounds like they ought to publish this Running Flip Cup Charades game. (Maybe "Cards Against Humanity"-style?)

I'm at my tenth viewing of Monologue for Three and it's still hilarious.
I'm surprised that the article didn't mention that they cast Joss in one of their shorts "The Coach" before he hired them for this movie.
they also made the amazingly awarded "Movie Title"
OneTeV — it's the opposite, from what I recall. The Coach went online just as The Avengers was coming out, which would have been after filming on Much Ado was completed. I think I read/heard somewhere that Joss starring in one of their shorts was reciprocating for their participation in his project.
Good point, couti8. I was thinking about when the editing of Avengers was finished, when I should have been thinking about when it began. (The side project still should have been mentioned in the article.)
"The Coach" is mentioned on page two.
I am so incredibly happy for these guys. Been following them obsessively since the first Joss post on them, and these continual successes couldn't be more deserved.
That one take Monologue for Three thing is awesome. And Danny Pudi! Hadn't seen that one before.
Yeah, the chronology of some events threw me off too. I mistook the BriTANick video featuring Jillian Morgese as as one of their older ones so it was a little jarring when I rewatched it and suddenly recognized her face.

I kind of figured that they must have known her first since I saw it long before I saw Much Ado, but I guess still after they must have first met her.

Incidentally two points that came out with some of these details I never new before A: Now I want Danny Pudi to be in a Whedon project (I didn't know which video Whedon started with) and B: I want to know the rules for running flip cup charades.
I almost didn't click on "Sexy Pool Party" but I did and now I can't stop laughing.

Drat Whedonesque! Drat BriTANick! I've gotten absolutely nothing done today! Is this what Joss calls eating dessert first?

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