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June 24 2013

Women and Hollywood interviews Kai Cole. Another interview with the producer of Much Ado about her role and how she got started producing.

Sundays with Shakespeare. Sundays with Shakespeare! My life would be complete. Ah well, I'm looking forward to hearing what Bellwether does next. I love her comparison between producing movies and houses.
Exactly. Sundays with Shakespeare, just the mention of that make me long for them even more. I think everyone who was around the fandom back then , wished they could witness those amazing Shakespeare readings that we were indirectly made aware of via cast and crew interviews conducted at the time.

Another great interview with Kai, loving the fact that we're getting to hear a lot more from her.
So happy to hear more from Kai.

In particular, this, " I think that was the play where I staged a tea party on the back lawn with quilts and finger sandwiches and we all wore summer dresses," as I'm doing a Much Ado reading for my birthday in a few weeks and wasn't sure what to do about the food.
Kiba, I would include cup cakes too!
embers, that's definitely in the plan.
She is just awesome. I think I will have her for my model of an inspiring career woman
Whoever transcribed the interview needs a wet-noodle lashing -- it's voila, not "wallah."
I just wish they'd do a Shakespeare play every year for the foreseeable future.
More Kai, more often! 'Spect there will be more when "In Your Eyes" comes out - really looking forward to it.

Loved this:

"I produce things - houses, movies, children, small knitted objects."

I remember in that wonderful craft-y interview, Joss said that Kai does quilts - I'd love to see one of hers. Did anyone see any in "Much Ado About Nothing"? I guess that might be something you'd tuck away safely during a shoot.
There seems to be a few big name writer/ directors whose wives are producers of their work. Steven Moffat, Christopher Nolan, I even think I saw Zac Snyder's wife's name in the end credits for Man of Steel.

Guess it's one way to get into the industry...
Barbra Streisand helped her boyfriend/hair dresser become a big time Hollywood producer (ie Jon Peters). So I wouldn't limit Kai's ambitions! LOL
Guess it's one way to get into the industry...

It seems more like Kai provided Joss with a way to get (half) out of the industry.
Guess it's one way to get into the industry...

Or they meet because they're both in the industry. And then work together because that way you get to actually see your spouse...
I always love hearing about the production side of things, and it was a treat to hear from Kai Cole. She seems like an intelligent, fun, creative woman, and someone who gets sh!t done--a great producer indeed!
I'm curious, can't help it, if their home movie collection includes some of the earlier readings; not thta thye'll ever be seen unless Joss deposits them with his papers whenever he gets around to doing that (probably long after I've been visited by Prnce Sirki, of course) someone does a biopic of Joss or one of the actors 80 years from now and puts some clips in for atmosphere.
DaddyCatALSO you have filled my mind with exciting possibilities. 1. If I continue to work at universities, and the trend towards digitization continues, then one day Joss will deposit his papers at Wesleyan, and they will digitize them, and I will be able to browse them from whatever device we use to access such things at that time and 2. I kind of want to be the person who does the biopic of Joss.

ETA: re: what Yoink said... I think you're right. Based on this interview, it sounds like there's a running list of "Things we'd like to do one day" in their household, and Kai was ready to just get some done already, without waiting for the suits to say okay.

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