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June 24 2013

Much Ado About Nothing DVD commentary being recorded as we speak. Both Spencer Treat Clark and Jillian Morgese have tweeted photos. I could easily see Joss, Alexis, Brian & Nick, as well as Reed Diamond, Fran Kranz, and I think I could see Amy Acker. But I can't see Tom Lenk and/or Nathan Fillion. Emma Bates just added a great instagram (showing what a big group commentary it really is)!

I am really excited about this, I am really wanting the DVDs to come out by early December so I can buy them for all my friends and family!

Haha, wow! I hope we get a couple commentary tracks--not to be the definition of entitlement or anything, I just love hearing Joss solo as well as with the huge group.

But either way, I guess I'll listen to it.
This makes me so incredibly happy! I've been looking forward to the possibility of a commentary with the whole cast since I knew who the cast was. The confirmation is REALLY exciting.
Cool! I've been retweeting these links from the Whedonesque account since embers found them super fast.
Ah, I'm so happy about this. Just saw it Saturday night and couldn't have loved it more. My dad was trying to figure out how we could rent it or stream it when it's available so my mom can see it, and I'm'm gonna buy it. You don't know me at all!
I love cast commentaries I wanted one for The Avengers so bad but a Much Ado one will do very nicely.
But is it in cod-Shakespeare?
Perhaps Nathan will 'phone' it in? This is definitely going on my Christmas list.
I agree sumogrip; I want a solo Joss commentary (in addition to the drunken group commentary) because that is where he'll talk about how the house works in the scene. I really like it when he explains some of choices as a director. Actually I just like it when he talks!
The group is large enough that the commentary could have been a different Shakespeare play being read while MAAN was running. (For some reason, I am thinking of the Holy Grail subtitle track that is all snippets of Shakespeare.)
"Actually I just like it when he talks!" Ditto, that! Thanks, this is great news.
Tom Lenk Instagram'ed a picture of it, so he's there too.
They should record a track in Elizabethan English.
Would love an Alexis/Amy only track, etc etc. In fact just make several discs of commentaries to go with it.
I second that. Just every combination of cast and crew imaginable. I just love commentaries.
@apollo11 I wonder what the existing record is for Most Commentaries on a DVD release.
I wonder if they'll do a singing commentary :)
I'll be less than impressed if it isn't in verse. A little Shax, a little Seuss...
Dr. Seuss About Nothing:
"I don't like Eggs Benedick
For with love they make me sick
I've heard he'll hide behind a stick
And if seen, roll over quick!"

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