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"'How have you been?' 'Rat. You?' 'Dead.' 'Oh.'"
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June 25 2013

Film Threat interview with Amy Acker and Alexis Denisof. Lot's of "Nothing" discussed.

Interesting, but I'm not impressed by the write-up - full of silly mistakes and misused language, which is ironic considering how much language is discussed.

Obviously, Whedon doesn’t share Shakespeare’s matchless pedigree.

This made me smile. Joss has the pedigree - third generation TV writer. Shakespeare was the son of a provincial merchant. So "pedigree" is being used in a way which does not mean "pedigree". Shades of Princess Bride there! (Yes, I'm picky about language. So sue me.)
Or... "Shakespeare" was a learned earl writing under a pseudonym.
About as likely as the Earth being 6000 years old or that the moon landings were fake.
Gill, I liked the line that immediately followed the pedigree comment, "But as the most recognizable voice of his generation, Whedon is blessed with a similar gift for crafting dialogue." Can't get much higher praise than that.

And I liked this too...."To his fans, David Boreanaz will forever be haunted by his Angel alter-ego, while James Marsters won’t escape Spike’s bite. But steal away Whedon’s words, and you’ve defanged Buffy’s vampires."
And I don't know how much Joss "tweaked" anything, since he did the play as it exists, with that one samll fillip. And being in modern dress is hardly a tweak;leaving aside that it's very common, Shakespeare had Romans, Ancient Greeks, and Crusaders in Elizabethan dress in some plays.

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