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March 02 2004

Quesada and Marts talks about X-Men Reload Newsarama interviews Joe Quesada and Mike Marts about X-Men Reload. Joss Whedon's involvement is mentioned.

Interesting. Can't wait to see this. Surprised how everyone wants them back in the old fashioned costumes. I could go with it, that or the more modern leather outfits, don't really care, but it was a clear tie in to the movies, and I didn't think they'd drop that.

Although I should add, a stealthy hunter like Wolverine in a bright yellow spandex constume is a bad idea. Always thought so. Why don't they go back to the brown variant that Byrne created ? At least it was not that bright and more animal-like.

Still wonder about the rosters though and if they're etched in stone. Joss' bunch is the only group whose lineup we know right?
Well since the new Claremont and Davis "Uncanny" has a picture of Nightcrawler's tail on the cover we can presume that he will be part of that particular roster. And Bishop is getting his own series, so he's out. We know that Emma and Kitty are in Joss' title, and Claremont has had a long-standing hard-on for Storm and, more recently, Sage (aka Tessa)... so it might be a safe bet to put them in the new "Uncanny" as well. Not sure where Rogue will end up.
Nightcrawler, Sage and Storm will indeed be in Uncanny. but so will Bishop. just because he has his own title doesn't mean anything, so does wolverine. he'll be pulling double duty.

as for the other x-books, archangel will be in excalibur and iceman will be in Austen's X-Men.
Wonder about Rogue and Gambit. That cover that shows that new New Mutants series, does that girl in the front with the electricity have a white pluck of hair? Or is it just lighting? Hard to tell with the art these days.

I just hope they're either in Joss' or CC's title.
I'm imagining a Joss Whedon X-Men movie with Nathan Fillion as Rogue. Just give him some tight pants and a southern accent. He could do it.
Oh my. Nathan Fillion as Rogue?

That's an incredibly cool idea. In a twisted way.

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EdDantes, in answer to your question about the white hair on the cover of Academy X, this from Newsarama (

"Oh, and just in case you’re wondering who’s who on the cover to issue #1, well, artist Randy Green provided the Cliffs Notes: “The cover characters are - left to right - David/Prodigy, Sofia/Windancer, Noriko/Surge (is in front), Josh/Elixir, Laurie/Wallflower, Sooraya/Dust."

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