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"KKcht. Eagle one to German guys from 'Die Hard', what is your position? KKRrtch."
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June 26 2013

The Collider interviews Clark Gregg. He talks about Much Ado, S.H.I.E.L.D., and many other things -- and above all, he's charming as ever!

That's a good interview right there.
He's one of ours!

I wonder if he fully realizes that?
I missed him on West Wing! I need to go check that out.
I recently rewatched the movie State and Main and wasn't looking at the screen when I heard a familiar voice... I looked up, and there he was, Clark Gregg!
He was in West Wing? And in State and Main? I enjoyed and really should get some boxes of the former, and it wasn't that long ago I last watched my copy of the latter - did I not notice him, or just forget about it? Good to know, either way; and congrats to him for getting so many quality projects!

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