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June 26 2013

(SPOILER) Preview pages for Buffy #23. CBR has them up.

Wow, on page 4 of 4, Buffy really looks like SMG.
So... They went from having war with the Well's Keepers to fighting alongside them... off panel. Not impressed. This season does way too much off panel for my liking.
Almost all of the Buffy previews we've seen so far have shown us pages out of sequence though, yeah?
The art's gotten better. It looks less rushed. I'm hoping that the relative weakness of last week's story was a necessary evil to cue up three great, plot and character-driven issues.

Fred_Sonja, they probably omitted the pages/panels where the council decided to fight alongside them.
I doubt they omitted any panels for this preview. You'll notice Simone's dialogue segues perfectly into the third page, dropping a hint to her objective in the well. It's possible this is someone else's dialogue, but I doubt it.

Plus, do we really want to waste a page or two of Buffy explaining to the council that she needs to stop Severin? I'm glad the explainy stuff happened off panel.

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Really love the coloring in this book. It looks amazing on screen/tablet.

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