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June 26 2013

Buffy Season 2 : Behind the Scenes. Jeff Pruitt, stunt coordinator on BTVS (S2-S4) uploaded a wonderful look behind the scenes of season 2, with several cast and crew members, and Joss directing at the end. A must watch.

Pretty amazing. Love these little looks at shooting scenes that are now legend for me, essentially.
A must have for my Buffy collection :D

Thanks for the linky :)

I wonder how much other material is still available O.o
Alyson is just about adorable as Willow is, isn't she?

ETA: seems like they were all pretty busy but also having a lot of fun. I like that in a show.

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Now I have to go back and watch those episodes. Or, all of Season 2 actually.
Sophia Crawford was amazing. There was a certain energy lacking after she and Jeff Pruitt were fired.

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That was a great behind the scenes look.
Joss looks so young!
Here's a video of Sophia Crawford working out in 2012. Holy cow.
Yeah Joss looks like a kid lol. You can actually see just how much he has matured not just looks but personality to back then. He seems so much more confident and self assured these days, as well he should considering his success.

As for Crawford, Wow. She is in amazing shape and actually throws some good combinations in that video. Clearly not just good at pretend fighting, wouldn't want to get on her bad side.
What caught my attention was the description of the video which read: "During season 2 we were trying to promote the show so I had various crew and cast members talk to the camera directly to the fans. This was a time before anyone was a star and nobody was the god of his own universe yet. There was no infighting or jealousy among crew members. Everybody supported each other's work. The thing that strikes me most looking back at this (aside from how young we all are) is how innocent it was then; a much different atmosphere than in later high pressure years of the show."
Jeff left the show under a cloud (to put it mildly). His version of events would differ from others.
The fights on the show were never quite as good after he left. I enjoyed this video.

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