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June 26 2013

Visualizing Buffy. Uses data visualization to explore the time each character spends on screen and the deaths of characters in each episode. Currently Season 1 only.

This is really well done. Back in the day, there were a couple of fans who each worked out how long characters spent on screen but not on this scale.
Wow! This is neat. I'm wondering how it will look when they have more data. From the season one data, it appears the titular character truly does dominate screen will be interesting to see if that trend changes in future seasons.

Also, I'm curious to see if Buffy's screen time peaks and valley's inversely coordinate with the rest of the Scoobies screen time.
Excellent! Just excellent! I once set out to do a BtVS body count, and broke the kills down by character, too. Buffy predictably had the lion's share, but there were some surprises, too. I was dependent on BuffyGuide's stats, however, and they never really got season 6 or 7 up; also there were some holes. I still have my spreadsheet, however, if the creator happens to see this and would like my limited data.
This was great fun to look at. Really well done. A dusting statistic would be a great compliment.
I think it would be interesting to see how many times Xander, Giles and Willow were knocked unconscious. Xander must be in the dozens.
Hee, I hope they do carry on with later seasons - it would definitely be interesting to see how the data changes over the course of the whole show.
Why does Dr. Gregory get a bar while Ms. Calendar doesn't?

Also who is Adam?
Judedeath, Ms. Calendar does have a bar! Check next to Angel.

And I *think* Adam is the long haired kid in The Harvest who's in the computer lab when Willow tricks Cordelia into deleting her essay.
Thanks sync, I guess I missed it the first time, I was looking in Sunnydale High to be fair.

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