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June 26 2013

Joss Whedon makes Forbes' Celebrity 100 list. Also appearing on the list are Robert Downey Jr. and Neil Patrick Harris.

The Avengers really did change everything.
Well earned with oodles of hard work. Respect.
Holy Smash-a-Loki, that's unexpected.

Didn't expect to see word "Forbes" and "Whedon" in same whedonesque post header.

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Certainly no longer the 'underdog'. Well-played, Sir.
Wow, at 99th he barely made the list (I'm surprised that Tina Fey wasn't higher on the list).
This would be the second time we've seen Forbes and Whedon in the same entry right, the 1st time would be one of the best Joss interviews we had last year during The Avengers promotion tour.

So cool that they included him, still waiting for Joss to be included in the Time Magazine list.
btw, Gwyneth Paltrow is at #71... I think she should be considered part of the 'verse now, eh?
Someone posted this on another board just using intials and the best I could come up with for RDJ was "Roy Davis JR."

Big "corn grits" to all of them.

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