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June 26 2013

The Avengers and The Cabin in the Woods win at The Saturn Awards. The Avengers won "Best Science Fiction Film", "Best Supporting Actor" (Clark Gregg), "Best Director" and "Best Special Effects". The Cabin in the Woods won "Best Horror/Thriller Film". Pics from the event which include Joss with Clark and Joss with Amy and J. August can be found here.

Congratulations all!
The Saturn Awards have always been extremely Joss friendly over the years. It is great to see him back on that stage getting more statues/trophy/awards.

Wonder where Joss keeps the awards he receive, I bet Kai must have included some cool shelf-space in the house.
Awesome! My friend was there and got a pic with Joss. Very jealous
So happy Joss got the best director award, so well deserved.
Just watched Cabin again last night (thanks, Netflix!) and have to say I have moved from a mixed opinion to a hearty thumbs up after 3 viewings.
Completely deserved! I think all the awards were deserved, at least in the film category (can't talk about the TV category since I've only watched TWD out of all those), except for Killer Joe, which I hated (though McConnaghey was excellent in it.)

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