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March 02 2004

(SPOILER) Jane Espenson penned tonight's "Gilmore Girls" Want to see what Jane's been up to lately? [Contains spoilers for "Gilmore Girls"]

Also known as "the only show that could keep me from boycotting The WB next year".

I noticed the Director of this episode is Marita Grabiak... another patron of the buffyverse. Do they show this in the UK? I don't really know anything about this show.
Wow, it's like an extended family reunion over there at "Gilmore Girls". This is Jane's second "Gilmore" episode, and her first time writing for the Danny Strong character. Which must have been fun, since we know how much she liked using Danny in her Buffy stories.

And sorry, I couldn't tell you about the UK. All I know is that they do play it in NJ.
A friend of my sister loves "Gilmore Girls". Mainly because Lorelai is his ideal woman, I think. I must admit I only started watching the show so I could go "Yay!" every time "co-executive producer Jane Espenson" came on screen. Danny Strong has played Doyle, the editor of the college newspaper, in two episodes. In the episode "Die, Jerk" he has the line "Oh, I hate that. Whenever there's three of something, you always forget the third one..." Like no one knew who the Andrew part of the evil nerd trio was? Am I stretching it a bit?
The characters can be witty and snappy in a 30's screwball comedy way so I'm sure the WB will axe it next year. Silly writers bothering with something as old-fashioned dialogue.
Brob1, Nickelodeon U.K. shows it.

TV Tome has a schedule for the show:

United Kingdom -- One episode per week played four times each weekend, on Saturdays at 6:00 p.m. on Nickelodeon U.K. and at 7 p.m. on Nick Replay, and Sundays at 6:00 p.m. on Nickelodeon U.K. and at 7 p.m. on Nick Replay.
In the episode "Die, Jerk" he has the line "Oh, I hate that. Whenever there's three of something, you always forget the third one..." Like no one knew who the Andrew part of the evil nerd trio was? Am I stretching it a bit?

Heh, I'm always waiting for Jane to slip a "Buffy" reference somewhere in there. I mean, I think they've referenced just about everything else, from "Futurama" to "The Fountainhead".

And, rest assured, your not the only one saying "Yay!" when her name comes up in the credits!
I'm sure I read somewhere that there was a Buffy reference in Gilmore Girls this season.
I think it was Everwood, Simon. Not that I know for sure....because I don't watch either Everwood or Gilmore Girls.
Everwood definitely had a Buffy reference. The little girl on the show had to do a book report on who her hero was and they showed her at the book store with a Buffy book. I was so excited about that, that I momentarily forgot all about the storyline on Everwood because I was gushing to my daughter to look at what she was holding!!
wow thats kindof cool.
"Scrubs" had these lines in the same episode--
Dr. Cox: I know how contact with holy stuff makes your skin sizzle.

and my favourite--

Dr. Cox: (addressing a deceased person being wheeled out in a body bag) You're born alone, you die alone. Isn't that right, Spike?
bloodflowers, WHOAH. Which episode was that? 'Cause oh man, I love Dr. Cox even more than I did before and that's damn near impossible.
dafnap--I think it was one of the first episodes of this season, although it's hard to tell since it's been pre-empted or shuffled around the schedule so often. It took a little time for my brain to start functioning normally after that one, I gotta tell ya.
I absolutely LOVE that Scrubs nod to Buffy. Wow. Thanks for sharing that, bloodflowers. I never watch Scrubs but I have a sudden respect for it.
Hah, that's cool stuff all those references! I missed some of them, since I didn't see those eps or don't watch some shows, but the Danny Strong line on Gilmore Girls I did see and I never thought of it that way. Heh. Could be coincidence but still, seems a nice in-joke.

Gotta keep my eyes open tonight.
Never watch Scrubs?! *Gasp* Oh, you don't know what you're missing, phlebotinin! It's the only show besides Angel that I schedule my life around (although with the above-mentioned shuffling it has been difficult). But I guess next season it will be the ONLY show I make time for. It is very smart and funny and now that I know about the Buffy nod I like it even more.
Really? Scrubs? Okay, well, never say never. Mayhap I'll give it a go. On such high recommendations, I'd better give it a go. Thanks, Karen.
I have a question about something I've been wondering about for a long time, and this seems like as good a place as any to ask it- Anyone know why The WB calls it 'New Tuesday'(in its promos for Tuesday-night programming)? Does it have anything to do with Buffy? Like Buffy leaving The WB? Or does it go back further than that? Like say, to when Buffy switched from Monday to Tuesday? Or does it not mean anything at all?
Oh yeah and- Scrubs is definitely a good show. I actually haven't watched it in a while but it used to be one of only three shows I cared about seeing every week, the other two being of course Angel and Gilmore Girls (the new episodes of which I've only begun watching this season since Buffy ended.) Not entirely sure why I stopped watching it regularly- not because I stopped liking though. It probably has something to do with it annoyingly never being on when I expect it to be. And I've never been much of a TV watcher anyway. Buffy and Angel really are the only shows that inspire enough enthusiasm and interest for me to call them 'appointment TV.'
Anyway, I definitely recommend Scrubs.
Thw WB's been using the phrase "New Tuesday" ever since BtVS left Mondays to be paired up with Dawson's Creek.
The WB didnt have a tuesday in its schedule before Buffy and Dawsons Creek were paired up (Tuesday was the fourth night to be added, when Buffy stated there was just Sunday, Monday and Wednesday).

I'd imagine the 'New' refers to their being new episodes on rather than repeats, but English here, so if not it's prolly to do with the fact that the tuesday was new night, and it stuck because it became the WB's most successdul night (though monday is now)
Yes it was Everwood. For some reason I got it mixed up with Gilmore Girls.

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