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June 27 2013

Cabin in the Woods becomes the theme for Halloween Horror Nights 23. No details on Haunted Houses yet, but it's been officially announced. Joss and Drew's terrifying world will be brought to life by the masters at Universal Orlando. He's hit theme parks. This is big.

Wow. That's pretty impressive.
It is amazing for a movie that doesn't need to be promoted anymore. I remember being at HHN 2 years ago, and one of the house were specifically created to promote the Fly remake that was about to premiere then.

Wished I could attend to check it out.
I might have to go just to see if they have a unicorn.
I've been to Halloween Horror Nights for the last 10 years... And now I'm stoked that my favorite horror film of all time will be the theme!!! :D

Congrats to Joss and Goddard!!! Their brilliant world should be recognized!
Will this apply to Universal Studios Hollywood as well?
Holy eff balls, Heather want!Heather poor,stuck in Arkanhell. Heather says damn it.
@libradude - No. The article points out this is just for Orlando.
So here's a link ( to the official Press Release, which does include a bit more information, including (quite noisy) website preview, which features the #CabinintheWoods at prominently.

There's also a basement related key-art being sent around, which can be viewed within this article

And yes, the press release seems to imply that this will only for the Orlando resort.

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This means only one thing: the Ancient Ones couldn't destroy the world after all (since they are ancient), so they got an agent and hooked up with a theme park. This will mean a boost in DVD sales
Will there be blood?
Perhaps if this news generates enough internet buzz, they'll include Hollywood in their plans? I need this in my life!
Kind of silly that they wouldn't include it at Universal Studios Hollywood- for obvious reasons.
I would love it if they reenacted Dana and Marty's elevator ride. And also the zombie arm.
If this were happening nearer, I would go.
Cabin in the Woods is now a Universal Studios attraction, and Abdul quoted Joss Whedon. It's official: Joss Whedon has gone mainstream.

This haunted house sounds so awesome, and really scary. ! I wish I could go.
I love that Drew Goddard is going to dress up and participate in this. He's so awesome.
I live on the other side of the country - and that's measured diagonally. But this may warrant a road trip come fall.
Universal did a spectacular job of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, so this could be awesome (but personally I find the rest of the park to be very disappointing, which makes the cost of admission ridiculous IMO).

They really just set these up for such a short time and then destroy it?!?! I can't believe they would pay a lot to recreate all this and then take it down after just three months...? Surely they would leave it up year round if it was popular? I mean Disneyland has their haunted house open all year round. I'm just complaining because I would want to see it, but there is no way I can go this fall.

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