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June 27 2013

List of Regal cinemas with the winning Much Ado fan poster. Looks like 25 theaters will have the poster on display, and a limited edition print will be handed out to filmgoers.

I do like the winning one, though The Avengers poster is fantastic.
That is an eye-catching poster.

Btw, for those of us in Canada, Much Ado is showing up in a number of new cities just in time for the Canada Day long weekend, including Victoria (yay for me), Edmonton, Winnipeg and Halifax.

I think it was supposed to open in Calgary too but that may have been delayed due to the flooding there, unless the listing is incomplete.
I love it. It's simple and evocative. Now I really want one.
Well, that's ironic--the theater listed for NV (the Green Valley Ranch 10) ended its run of Much Ado yesterday.

Starting today it moves to their sister theater, the Colonnade 14. Hopefully the theater staff are smart enough to send the posters over with the hard drive...

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