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June 27 2013

Buffy deserves a movie! TVGuide lists cult shows they feel deserve a movie.

Chuck comes in at #15.

Yeah, it'd be really cool to see an animated feature or something, with the original actors doing voices, taking place perhaps after season 9.
I don't see a live action movie working. I mean, it could, but it'd take some trickery if they'd want to involve any of the non-aging characters.

Either way, neither seems particularly likely to actually happen, what with Joss being off doing all kinds of stuff and 20th Century Fox (or whoever would have to make the call) not seeming very likely to go
"Hey, um, Joss...that old vampire thing of yours... Before you hang up, this is not about a reboot. See, we were kinda thinking, maybe if you're not too busy over at um...Disney...that you maybe might wanna take some of your time on the side to play around with the idea of outlining a movie - yeah, like an animated thing or something - to take place between comic book arcs whenever the schedule-- I mean, if you wanna write it, that'd be super cool, or we could ask Goddard or Espenson if you feel more comfortable just outl-- Right. Well, um, send us an E-letter if inspiration strikes. Oh, and another idea, your take on the origin, yeah, to take place in 1996, period piece, like if you had a second chance at the original movie but to do it in animation and tie it in with the series continuity and covering the bit about the mental w-- Yeah, we talked to the cast, and they said they're only in if you're in. Except Nicky, he'd do it for shawarma. I don't know if you heard, but my boss just shouted "fray" from the other room. I don't know what that means, but-- Ow, he just threw the book at me. No literally. Apparently I have to go read this. Like, now. Anyway, let me know if you're interested. Love ya! Kiss noise!".
So yeah, probably not gonna happen.

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That was me yelling "Fray!!"
Dystopian future, vampires, flying cars...I mean really, nothing bad there!
Given the levels of passion (and not the good kind) that met the last announcement of a live-action "Buffy," I kinda thing maybe what "Buffy" deserves is to be appreciated for itself. If someone wants to be inspired by it, let them do something new with new characters (there seem to be eight billion books, TV series and movies about teens who are "the Chosen One" one way or another) that can be judged on its own merits, rather than subjected to comparisons and teeth-gnashing.
I'm totally for a "Fray" movie, I think it'd make a great piece of science-fiction and contribute to the Buffy mythology.
I just re-read Fray today (for the third time, I think...followed by Time of your Life). It would not take much adapting to turn Fray into a shootable screenplay. I'm not entirely sure of how the pacing would translate to feature length motion picture, but damn that's one well paced book.
Some of the other shows on this list make sense, like VM and AD - which ARE actually getting movies made, but most of them (including Buffy) are extremely unlikely, at best.
I think Buffy deserves the exact opposite: to not be made into a movie, because the odds of a move doing the character justice are pretty low.
I think the tv episodes we got negate the need for a movie.
My figuring on an animated movie (okay, maybe you all don't want to hear my reasons, I know) is, personally, mostly a yawn. I'm buying the comics out of a feeling of obligation but the characters I still like even a little (except for the still-living Harmony, Faith, Sam, and Satsu, and the on -next-thing-to-permanent sabbatical Lorne) are all dead so an animated movie or a reunion show would have me doing my Bela Lugosi impression; "Bleahh!"
I think Angel deserves a movie more than Buffy. Just saying.

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