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June 27 2013

Joss Whedon on Avengers 2 - "Think Steel Magnolias but not so steel-y". Fun interview conducted at last night's Saturn Awards. In another interview from the night, Joss joked that Twelfth Night would be shot as a Vine.

That interviewer was delightfully...what's another word for seemingly inexperienced? She came off as having no idea what she was doing, but in a strangely refreshing way.
Pillow Man for the Avengers 2!
Gosh, she is adorbs. Yes, I just said adorbs.
I haven't seem Steel Magnolias, but didn't the author of that film decide to kill a beloved character?
And I could totally see Joss making Iron Magnolias. ("Does this arc reactor make me look fat?")
The parking scene could have been an early Joss re-write.
I wonder if he meant that as a reference to the Martin McDonagh play "The Pillowman." It's totally in his wheelhouse.
I'm looking forward to Avengers 2: Fluffy Pillowy Magnolias.
Lacy, gently wafting magnolias.
I love that part:
He also talked about the popularity of Joss Whedon, who plays the wildly popular Agent Coulson in The Avengers and why he brought him back to life in S.H.I.E.L.D..

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