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June 28 2013

The Shepherd has been booked. Ron Glass will guest-star on an upcoming Season 2 episode of Major Crimes. The date of the episode is not listed.

You win the award for best headline. Well done.
That is literally the first headline that made me go. I neeeed to know. Headline of the century. And ah, now I definitely need to see this. I hope his character talks to Mary McDonnell's.
Yeah - a Firefly/BSG crossover episode!!! Maybe he could explain to her what he was doing in the Firefly that passed over her doctor's office in the BSG pilot.
Hee. Glad you enjoyed the headline. When I saw the article, the headline popped into my head and I was hoping that someone hadn't posted the story already. I would have been so disappointed if I wasn't able to use my pun.

How awesome will it be to see the President and the Shepard together? Both being all steely determination and inscrutable.

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