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June 28 2013

Much Ado About Nothing U.S. theater listing for the week of June 28th. More listings via the film's official blog.

For some reason, Box Office Mojo hasn't recorded how much revenue the movie has made this week. Anyone have any ideas on that?
I don't think Roadside reports the weekday grosses until the end of the week. And "Booo!" for lack of significant expansion. I just can't afford to drive two hours to see this film. =(
Finally going tonight! Can't wait!
And remember that twenty-five Regal venues will have the winning entry from the fan post contest.
Looks like we get to see it Sunday, very excited. It will be our 10 year old daughter's introduction to Shakespeare (already a huge Joss fan since he did right by Black Widow in Avengers).
We just got it here in Halifax, NS today! Can't wait to see it tonight!
Luckily NYS has a decent number of options. Driving an hour on Sunday to go see it for the first time!
I'm taking a second wave of friends/co-workers to see it on Sunday!
I just came back from my night out. The movie was great. Honestly, I wasn't sure how I would feel about the Shakespeare dialogue in a modern day setting. But it worked.

The theater was small but filled and seemed engaged.

And now I'm officially in love with Clark Gregg.

It was really well done.

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It's in Rhode Island now. FINALLY!
It's at the 5th Avenue in Vancouver and I know it is also playing in Toronto, Oakville & Montreal. I don't know anywhere else - have to go the Cineplex website and put in your location. (I see it's also playing at Cineplex Odeon in Victoria.) Maybe if they keep filling theatres, they will expand the distribution. I saw it on preview night and everyone clapped afterwards which I assumed because it was the preview but apparently there was also much clapping on Saturday night at the regular showing. I'm planning on going again this week.
I got to see it for a second time yesterday (bringing my brother who saw it for the first time) at the Barrington AMC West of Chicago. It is even better the 2nd time around! Now I'm going to look forward to getting the DVD.

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