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June 30 2013

Why B&W? There's apparently a sudden surge in the number of films being made in Black and White. MAaN gets mentioned in this article looking at reasons for the phenomenon.

On an unrelated note, June 29th was the first day there hasn't been a front-page posting on Whedonesque in ... a long time. Months, at least.
Yeah. I thought something on the interweb had got blocked or something.
So proud to break the fast.
When I was bringing my brother to see 'Much Ado' last Friday he was put off to hear it would be in B&W, because he considers that to be artsy-fartsy. But I explained how it was cheaper and easier to work with, and made it easier to use the house and the actor's own clothing without worrying about colors clashing. Anyway, he really enjoyed 'Much Ado About Nothing'.

Oh and I love this line in the article (quote from article writer, not Joss):
"With its glossy Californian location and handsome TV actors, it could have ended up looking less like a Shakespeare adaptation with echoes of classic Hollywood and more like a daytime soap."

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BW should never have gone out of use. In the 60s many directors and actors complained about the disapearing act of what was not at all a technological limitation, it was more than that, a valid artistic tool. Its not more artificial than many color uses in cinematic photography, and it has its own expresive treats that can not be replicated in color. Its a shame such a powerfull visual tool has been relgated to "artsy" cinema.

Just my opinion, of course. :)

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Avengers 2: In 3-D and Black & White.
Big, dark grey rage monster.
Actually Much Ado would be awesome in 3-D, just think how exciting the trapeze artists would be! Or how great the shot of Benedict running downstairs would have been!

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