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June 30 2013

Much Ado makes $590,000 in its second weekend of wide release in the US. That gives it a per screen average of $2,719, a week to week drop of 20% and a total gross of $2,186,000.

Wow, this little indie is really chuggin' along. A 20% drop ain't bad, I don't think.
I really don't understand these numbers but it looks like it's holding on. Can anyone here nterpret the data?
Well in another week it might make $3 million, which is what 'Doctor Horrible' made on iTunes and DVD (will nearly as many people have seen it?). I guess I shouldn't worry: it'll be available on DVD eventually and then everyone who missed it in theaters will finally get to see it.
Considering it didn't expand appreciably, that's a fantastic hold! Almost every other limited release had a larger drop, and the highly-touted "The Bling Ring" got absolutely crushed.
What surprises me is "The East" is making less dollars than "Much Ado" with more screens and a longer run so far.
"Much Ado" should make around 12 times its cost by next week despite competition from Gru and the Lone Ranger.
Just got back from a fairly well attended screening in Denver, very nicely done. I can't imagine they won't pocket some decent money on this when all's said and done, because (and I don't mean this as an insult) its micro-budget is definitely on display throughout. Watching Amy and Alexis' great chemistry on display through two totally different characters than Fred and Wes is such a testament to their chops as actors and, well, their great chemistry. Kranz and Gregg are quite strikingly good, and of course Fillion and Lenk almost steal the show.
Where did you see definitive info on the cost of the movie, impalegeneral? I'd be very interested to see that. And keep in mind the box office is gross revenue to the movie theater. There is no way to know how much of that actually gets back to Bellwether (after Lionsgate takes their sizeable cut) in this circumstance.
All I've seen, I think, is that it cost less than Dr. Horrible to make, and the production costs on DH were "a little over $200,000".
Thanks, b!X. Now if someone can get me info on the distribution deal my (it's really none of my business) curiosity would be satisfied. :)
I wish it was playing anywhere near me... :(

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