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June 30 2013

A bit more information about the The Cabin in the Woods haunted house. As mentioned previously, Universal Studios in Orlando is building a full Cabin set for their Halloween celebration. It will include the forest, the cabin, and the facility. Sounds awesome.

Michael Aiello from Universal says:
"We are building the cabin completely. You're going to walk through a forest to get there. You're going into the cabin. You're going to go into the cube cells. We're literally taking everything we can in the film and giving you a kind of best-of montage of the film with this kind of linking story. You're going to be in the control room when the merman attacks."

Universal did a spectacular job of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, so this could be awesome (but personally I find the rest of the park to be very disappointing, which makes the cost of admission ridiculous IMO).

I can't believe they would pay a lot to recreate all this and then take it down after just three months...? Surely they would leave it up year round if it was popular? I mean Disneyland has their haunted house open all year round.
There's also an article about this, with some quotes from Drew Goddard, at
Does anyone remember some kind of Buffy event at Universal Studios one Halloween while the show was on the air? I think it might have been a haunted house or parade or something.
Fangoria and everyone else seem to be rehashing the same Zap2it entry, so I've linked directly to that. It dates from the same time as the previous post here, although it is a different link and has maybe a bit more detail than before. Anyway, consider this thread Haunted Cabin Announced, Part 2 and the bar hereby raised for any near-future posts on this topic.
I remember the Buffy maze they did, sometime around Season 5 of Buffy. I didn't get to go, but I think it was a similar idea... big maze, lots of ghouls from the show, including the Judge, the Gentlemen and others?
Does anyone know how these mazes work? How physical do they get - that is, do the creatures physically touch/grab people walking through, or do the creatures just appear and not interact with the maze walkers?
For liability purposes, the performers are not allowed to physically touch the guests. They can get in your face and all that, but no touching of any kind.
They are the strippers of horror mazes.
They do create some impressive houses. During HHN they extend the areas to the "warehouses" the surround the main area around the resort, with some lines that go through closer warehouses, so you can reach the ones further in where some of the houses are located.

@Shapenew, they will not touch / grab people, but depending on the "character" portrayed by the actor he/ she will get close to your face, but they will not touch you. The audience is guided not to touch the actors also, but they can interact with them verbally. Don't expect the attractions to be as physically demanding as compared to The Walking Dead Escape experiences, they're mostly very elaborate "Haunted" houses not obstacle course, which is underselling them, cause they're really well done.

The houses are usually dark, unless the theme allows for some lighting, that's something that frustrates me, if they really reproduce the basement with detail.

The Orlando Attractions Magazine have some great video archive from the previous years events. You can check them out here.

If you don't mind some extremely (and I do emphasize the word extremely) amateurish pics I took from my visit in 2011, here are some photos and videos I took at the end of the set.

I do think that the separate entry for the HHN justifiable, but they're quite pricey. Most of the rest of the park's attractions are usually closed by the time the event itself starts (people who buy the stay for day-long tickets, are sequestered in a separate area, between the normal close time and when the park reopens for the event). And there's additional security check during park entry for the event, that's non-existent during normal admission hours, as the target audience is definitely older and alcoholic beverages is sold openly.

Really sad I won't be able to attend, to check out what the Cabin in the Woods look and theme is realized.
Thanks Dean, The One True b!X and Numfar PTB for the information. I would check this out if it wasn't on the other end of the country.
Shapenew I had a post linking two other articles w/more information in them that was deleted, but I did want to let you know ticket prices are nearly $100! And that's just for one night! You get a major (about $50) discount if you're a Florida native.

I assume that price was for all the haunted houses - I don't know if you could pay to just do one. The article also mentioned a discount if you wanted to go 15 nights, which would make sense so you could get to all of them and not be rushed. But that's still a mighty big chunk of change! Fly there, get a hotel room for X number of nights and buy the tickets.

This one will be set up on one of Universal's sound-stages, and will be a maze-type, from what I read. You go into the cabin, down into the basement, "fight off" the zombies and then you end up in the facility. I don't know how long it will take.

In one of the articles Drew said "they're going to let me dress up as the merman, so I'll see you there!" but further down in the article he said he'd be doing the "famous make-out scene" with the wolf's head. Either one would be scary! And Mike Aiello said other Universal creatures would find their way in; expect the Doctors, Dollfaces, Sugar-plum Fairy and Fornicus, Lord of Pain and Bondage from the movie, as well as the rampaging unicorn and the merman.

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