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July 01 2013

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D billboard in L.A.. ComingSoon had the pic.

Ooh. Any Angelenos know where this is? I might wanna go take a look myself sometime...
Very strange that there is no mention of where it is in a city that covers 500 square miles or a county that covers 4700 square miles.
Thanks, Caroline.
Wow, that billboard is darkly weird and oppressive! Quite an attention getter (good for them!).
Eh it looks cool but not much of an advertisement.
Big fan of this. It's a statement.
^"Was that the point of all this? A statement?"

"A promise."
Unfortunately, the people who know what it's about will think it's really cool. The other 95% of the population will have no clue and will ignore it. I think Kaan just said that, but more succinctly.
I dunno, I've seen quite a few of these campaigns out here centered on the idea of not saying exactly what's being promoted, and it must be working because they keep returning to that well. I think it piques curiosity and shows confidence in the product to "speak for itself" as it were.
One of the best ad campaigns (IMHO) was for the Matrix. Nobody had any idea what it was about, we just saw cool fights, some weird imagery, and the question, "What is the Matrix?" over and over. By the time the movie came out, everybody was asking, "What is the Matrix?"

Just because people don't know what they're seeing doesn't mean they'll ignore it. Sometimes a bit of mystery works very well. I think the billboard is simple enough to stick in people's minds and make them pay more attention later when the real ad campaign starts and they see that symbol again.
I read a article back in I think 2011 right after Joss got the gig about how Marvel was trying to build awareness for their 'SHIELD' brand and were putting that logo on any and everything. I think it worked. If you are at all familiar with Marvel or its movies then you'll recognize that logo.
eddy - Yes, that's exactly what I said. The people familiar with Marvel will get it - the other 95% of the population won't.
People seem to be assuming this is the all of it [ETA that by "it" I mean "the billboard campaign"]. People also seem to be assuming a promotional campaign has to be understood by Everyone right from Day One.

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Yeah, aren't there a lot of billboards where they plan to rent out the space over time and make it a gradual reveal what it is they're promoting after already intriguing people and then revealing a bit later "oh it's for this thing that comes in a couple weeks"? I could have sworn there was a pretty cool Hannibal one somewhere in Europe but that's pretty difficult to google.
The billboards are in LA, where a couple of people work in TV and movies. It's a statement. I remember one of the Dollhouse videos promos had this appear on screen as a quote: 'JOSS + ELIZA = AWSUM - ChosenSlayer on YouTube'. I like some people at FOX and I don't want to be too slamish... but I'd take a big mysterious S.H.I.E.L.D. logo in Hollywood as the start of a promotional campaign any day.

(As for The Matrix reference above - yep. I always say, show less. Tease. Don't turn up to your first date naked).

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They also seem to be doing this.
A few people saw the Avengers movie(s). More people know exactly what that symbol is than you think.
That billboard says one thing: confidence. It's a whole new era for Whedon shows.

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