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July 01 2013

TVLine previews "The Crazy Ones" starring Sarah Michelle Gellar. They call the show "promising" and compliment the strong cast.

Very cool. Has a bit of a "Just Shoot Me" vibe, which is not a bad thing at all.
I'm weary of David E. Kelley. His Wonder Woman pilot was atrocious and did not show signs of coming from a mind I'd like to hear from every week.
It's a bad title. Like almost Cougar Town bad.

And David E. Kelley and Robin Williams together scares me. The former is infamous for letting some really fine to extraordinary series at various points rapidly descend into extreme messes. And Williams' brand of manic comedy (of which admittedly I'm not a fan) seems ripe for that which Kelley almost invariably does.
Come one, give that guy a break. He did one bad pilot and now all of his other great work is meaningless? I remember a show called Dollhouse and we're still following Joss' career.
DEK is certainly responsible for some very important and very good television, particularly in the 90s. But, as previously noted, most of his shows went from "very good" to "hot mess" quite quickly and his recent work (particularly the Wonder Woman pilot and Harry's Law) has been... um, not great.

I think people have every right to be wary of his involvement with this show, though I certainly hope it's for naught. I'll be tuning in for a few weeks anyway, to give it a fair shake.
I screened the pilot last week. There are definitely some concerns with the writing...particularly DEK's lack of comedic structure...and Robin Williams' kookiness comes on a little too strong. That being said, Sarah and James Wolk were really great rocks for the show though. From what I've heard, there was a lot of improv in the pilot, so I'm hopeful that once there's an entire team of writers assembled, some of the longer stories will take shape and the balance of whacky and story will balance out nicely.
DEK also did the recent horrid failure Monday Mornings on TNT. Whatever it was that he used to have he has lost. I'm going to give this broad sitcom 3 eps to impress the hell out of me and then I'm over DEK for good. I'll never forgive that Wonder Woman atrocity. Ever. So. Fucking. Horrible!
Dollhouse is not a bad show and I love Joss even more for it.

The Crazy Ones seem great. I love SMG and I love James Wolk. Looking forward to seeing the show. I too am afraid Robin Williams might tire me but they have a strong enough cast to balance it. Hope they are smart enough to do so.

David E. Kelley was a great showrunner. I love The Practice (one of my all time favorites) and Boston Legal/ Ally McBeal was good also. But now, he seems to have lost his touch. His three latest series were bad.
I liked Pickett Fences and Boston Legal, which wasn't that long Ago. I'll be tuning in for Sarah anyway, so I hope the show's a hit.
David E. Kelley is one of the most important writers in recent tv history. Picket Fences, Ally McBeal and The Practice are some of my favorite shows. He's not perfect and I'm not a fan of his last shows, but I'm definitely glad to see his name attached to Sarah's. I really hope the show will be a successful come-back for both of them.
I was a big _Picket Fences_ fan, my biggest regret being that I "didn't know Aly was Aly" when she guest-appeared. I also liked _Chicago Hope_ (weird that ti and the _ER_ reboot rpemiered the same night while I was in the hospital. Lots of flipping channels on my little over-the-bed TV, added to the pain meds made an itneresting hour.) The problem was, while Kelley was still running it he degenerated it into the Manyd Patinkin Show, then the people who took it over started good but evnetually ran it into the ground with too much Christine Lahti (both actors i like but their characetrs on that were way best in small does) thne Kelley took it over agian, did a colossal re-vamping which failed in its turn.

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