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July 01 2013

The official 'Much Ado About Nothing' book is coming out in October. Published by Titan Books, the book "features an Introduction by Joss, his full screenplay, and a gallery of photos from the set". There's also an interview with Joss as well.

I was just flipping through my Cabin in the Woods book yesterday (for reals), and thought: Wouldn't be cool if we had one of these for MuchAdo? Glad this is happening, awesome!!
I was kind of wondering if I would want this... it is (mostly) Shakespeare's screenplay, and it isn't like Joss picked out the costumes (his discussion of the costumes in his Firefly book was really illuminating). But I suppose I'll have to get it, since I love 'Much Ado' and I am a completist.
I'd be interested in the screenplay if only for the ability to do a side-by-side comparison. Joss cut and rearranged quite a bit for the final product, and I'd be interested to see that.
will there be a novelization?

Oh, cool. I still need to pick up the first two from Firefly and the one from Cabin though, so this one may have to wait a bit.
The Cabin one is absolutely fantastic for any `hardcore` fan. Can't quite see this one living up due to the smaller budget and less production material to show off as a result but I'm sure there will be some nice trivia in there.
I think Joss' productions tend to be quite photogenic though. Dr. H ain't big on budget but has a wonderful companion book.

Also. Gosh. My shrine is seriously running out of space, and now this? Gah!
I think Dollhouse must be the only major Joss project to the screen that never received a companion book of sorts. Well there's the essay collection edited by Jane Espenson, but I don't think it is as expansive as the others.

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Numfar PTB, there's an academic anthology on Dollhouse coming out in 2014, edited by Sherry Ginn, Heather M. Porter, and Alyson Buckman, from Scarecrow Press. I'm really excited for it, for the very reason you bring up. There are so few works on Dollhouse out there.

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