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July 02 2013

Watch last night's episode of Warehouse 13 with Tony Head and James Marsters. It's been a while since they shared a scene together.

It wasn't written well, but no fault to James and Tony. They shined.
James and Tony !!! That's wonderful. My two favourites in a scene together !
What was the last Giles/Spike scene on Buffy? Because I was looking at screencaps of the Warehouse 13 episode and that question just popped into my head.
Was it the beginning of "Dirty Girls", when they were being all frosty to each other?
It looks like they will both be back for more?! I'm loving Tony Head and James Marsters as brothers with a blood feud (good times). It isn't the greatest story line, but fun characters played by actors I love to see.
It was great fun to see them together. I wanted to give them a big hug even while Tony Head was being awful!
I hadn't seen this show before James was in it, it's interesting. Lots of mythology but I didn't feel like I couldn't follow the story.
No one said "Or what? You will lick me to death?" so that was disappointing. But an evil Giles, and elderly Spike with a Russian accent? Priceless.
embers This week's episode is the season finale, with both Tony & James.

I'd never seen this show before (Don't have dish or cable) but it wasn't confusing, which was good.

Tony does evil far too well! That chuckle when he got the ring back...yikes. And the final full shot of him, with the light behind him...I had to screen-capture that!

The accents, especially James', seemed fairly fluid, which was odd.

Simon Do you mean the last time they were both in the same place, or the last time they spoke? Wasn't Spike in the living room when Buffy gave her big battle speech to the Potentials about making the choice and stepping up? I can't remember if he was with the group in the school when she sent them all off to their positions. Wish my DVD player wasn't dead!
The last time they spoke to each other.
It appears that the last time they exchanged dialogue onscreen was in "Touched" (7x20). It's the scene where Spike finds out they've voted Buffy out and Faith tries to beat him up.

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