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July 02 2013

Joss Whedon - In Conversation. Jason Solomons interviews Joss in the second season of Sky Arts' 'In Conversation' series. Friday 5th July, 8:30pm on Sky Arts 1 in the UK.

From the online summary: "In this enlightening discussion he reflects on his work, inspirations, creative processes and life among Hollywood's elite."

So there is no actual content yet,right? What format will this be, anyone know?
It's airing on pay TV in the UK on Friday. I think it's a half hour interview.
Hopefully, someone is able to youtube it, so people in other countries are also able to enjoy it.
Radio Times review says "Whedon is highly influential and deserves better treatment than this brief, clip-filled run-down of his career."
Oh dear, I was hoping it would be less clip-filled and more in depth - more like the In Confidence series with Laurie Taylor.

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