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July 02 2013

Rebecca Sinclair is a guest on latest Nerdist Writers Panel. She joins other 2 TV writers to discuss writing and their carreers.

Who? A Rebecca Sinclair never wrote for Buffy was my first thought. But, hello, Rebecca Rand Kirshner did, and she seems to have changed her name at some point. Perhaps to confuse the ninjas? She wrote some good episodes, so now I must go and listen to the show.
I think she had a divorce. EDIT. She married (sometimes Im truly an idiot) in 2008.

But the headline should mention Greg Malins, former showrunner of Friends and HIMYM. He is really a talented guy and helped to shape iconic moments on both shows (Monica and Chandler, Slap Bet, Robin Sparkles, etc..)

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The headline should make it more clear who Rebecca Sinclair is. The confusion is not surprising.
N27, the headline doesn't mention Greg Malins because he's not a Whedon alum.
The headline's fine as is.

This sounds like a good episode, thanks for the heads up. Added it to my Nerdist queue.

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