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July 03 2013

J. August Richards talks Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. "This is a role I've been preparing for since I was nine years old. It's literally a dream come true." Minor spoiler for one of his character's abilities.

So his character can actually fly, that's a bit of news. Let the speculation begin!
I'm so pleased J. August Richards is in this. He's awesome. Additionally I saw a long trailer for Agents of Shield when I went to see The Heat this weekend and I was left a little cold. The cast in the trailer seemed quite bland to me. No one stuck or sparked in my mind. Other than Ming-na Wen and Clark Gregg I couldn't remember anyone. They all kind of seemed alike. I am excited about this show so I was pretty disappointed at the trailer.

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I'm so excited to see J in S.h.i.e.l.d. He's the absolute nicest man and so talented, this part couldn't have gone to anyone more deserving.
Well the whole cast once you're past Wen and Gregg is fairly no-name and if you'd shown us Gregg before Marvel had used him in a number of movies, he'd have probably given you zero buzz as well. But that's not shocking since the rest of the cast are all younger. But I think we're also reaching the point that a lot of Whedonesque readers recognize archetypes within Joss's own work quickly and that may end up giving everyone a "been there, seen that" mentality.

I'll be honest, when I see a butt kicking woman in his work I'm glad she's there but my buzz from it is negligible. I mean, how do I differentiate her from Widow or Echo or River or Buffy? I don't know yet. Nerdy and eccentric techs... I watched Dollhouse. Somewhat stiff possibly heroic character male that verges on dry humor? Angel, Ballard, Boyd, and Simon pop into mind quickly.

I'm not saying S.H.E.I.L.D. won't be great, I just that's why you might be feeling a lack of buzz. The story could be unique as could the characters, but the feel you get off them in a promo is similar to other things.
So the speculations that he is playing , seems even more likely than before.
After Firefly which from the promos I thought was going to be filled with boring uninteresting characters I learned not to judge a Joss show from 30 second clips.

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Agree, we have not formed an attachment to these characters (except Coulson) and most of the actors.

I for one am VERY excited to see Ming-Na become another kickass Whedon woman. She's a solid actress even with mediocre writing. If the scripts are as good as I hope that they are, her character will rock.
I have every faith that everyone Joss hires will be awesome (and I also think that movie theater 'first look' ads are always deadly dull).
Well J. August gives a tad more than what he offered us at Denver ComicCon but basically the same. I'm not too worried about the cast, I think having a team that works for a secret organization in suits lends itself to a little initial blandness, and this is also something that's being pitched for a lot more mass appeal than anything Joss has ever been involved with on television before. I have faith in the team involved that we'll get some good characters we enjoy spending some adventure time with on a weekly basis.
I'll admit that the initial cast photos seemed to be incredibly white despite the fact that one and a half of the cast at least is an ethnic minority. I'd like to see JAR stick around and secretly be upgraded to a regular. I have my doubts somewhat though, if Joss keeps saying that this would be the grounded team with tech and JAR seems to have multiple super powers.
Have they started filming the other episodes yet? Hopefully J. August Richards sticks around on the show for a while.
hann23, I cannot agree more about Ming-Na and Whedon writing.
I'm so happy for J. A dream coming true couldn't happen to a nicer, more deserving guy.
I'm on a normal level of excitement. The kind I'd have for any S.H.I.E.L.D. show, no matter who run it. I actually prefer it this way, waiting for Dollhouse to debut was brutal (granted, the fact that show was on cancellation watch months before it aired didn't help).

I really, really hope JAR's character is at least a regular guest star. Because it's JAR and because I love superpowers.

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