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July 03 2013

Sam Rockwell briefly discusses Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Would like to reprise his Iron Man 2 villain role of Justin Hammer on the show.

I think Sam Rockwell is a great actor (you just have to look at 'Moon' for that!) but his character in Iron Man 2 was (for me) as dull as a table lamp! It was one of the things that made the movie noticeably inferior to the two it's sandwiched by. So I call a big "BOOO!" to this idea. But that's just me. I'm sure plenty of people liked Hammer....

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I disliked Iron Man 2 but I thought Sam Rockwell did a great job as Justin Hammer. I saw the role as a parody of Tony as seen from the outside. If you step back and look at the Iron Man universe from the outside, it all looks a bit ludicrous. Justin Hammer is what Tony could have been like if he hadn't been kidnapped and had a change of heart.
I'd love to see Sam Rockwell in it. I love his work, and Hammer could make a few appearances in a fetching orange jump suit...
as long as he does that little dance he does in the movie, I'm all for it
Actually, I think the plot he outlines would be perfect for SHIELD. It's not a big superhero plot that would fit in a movie, but it would work great for an episode of a TV show. Plus, having the series handle some of the fallout of the events in the movies sounds like a great way to keep everything tied together.
Here's what I want to see: Justin Hammer going to space. For any reason. And I want Jewel Staite to be there as well, maybe as an agent of S.W.O.R.D. or something. And I want them to not get along.

Here's why: Sam Rockwell is, in my mind, in an ongoing battle with Jewel Staite over who can play the largest number of space travelers. If my math (and very limited knowledge of Stargate) is correct, they are currently tied 3-3 (or 3-2 if Jewel's Stargate character never left Earth).
I thought he was a better villain in "Charlie's Angels" of all things -- his "villain reveal" scene is pretty good stuff, especially his kiss off line.

I'm all for really, really piling on connections to MCU films with character crossovers, it makes the show... "bigger" than TV in a sense and will undoubtedly help it's perception.

It also occurs to me that they could have Iron Man or Iron Patriot appear on the show without actually needing to drag RDJ or Cheadle away from what they are doing :) I mean, like literally have them show up, nod, fly off or something, but still.
KingofCretins, that's very true. Or they can do a voice part and it can just be a stunt person in the suit.

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