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July 05 2013

Friday's Whedonverse panels at Comic-Con. On the 19th, there will be an Agents of SHIELD panel, a Buffy Season 8 and 9 panel with Georges Jeanty and the Dark Horse: Joss Whedon panel. Plus panels featuring the likes of Jane Espenson, David Boreanaz, Amber Benson, Julie Benz and Miracle Laurie.

10:30am - 11:30am Room 6A


Earth has changed, and entertainment will never be the same. Grant Bowler (Nolan), Julie Benz (Amanda Rosewater), Jaime Murray (Stahma Tarr), and the rest of the cast from Syfy's groundbreaking multiplatform series discuss the overwhelming success of Defiance (the show and game) and share exclusive details from the second season. Moderated by Maureen Ryan, TV critic for Huffington Post.

10.30am - 11.30am Room 24ABC

Writing for TV: From First Draft to Getting Staffed

Spiro Skentzos (Grimm), Karen Horne (NBC executive/Spawn co-producer), Keto Shimizu (Arrow), and Jane Espenson (Husbands) share their TV writing experiences on such topics as getting started, basic script mistakes, how to get representation, writing programs, staying motivated, and negotiating today's turbulent TV terrain. There will be a large Q&A component, so bring your questions.

12.30pm - 1.30pm Ballroom 20


Creator and executive producer Hart Hanson, executive producer Stephen Nathan, and star David Boreanaz discuss what's in store for Booth and Brennan and screen a reel of never-before- seen footage from the upcoming season, followed by a Q&A panel discussion.

1:45pm - 3:00pm Ballroom 20

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on ABC

Jeph Loeb (Marvel's head of television), Joss Whedon (Marvel's The Avengers), and surprise guests reveal top-secret new information about the first live-action television series from the House of Ideas. No Comic-Con attendee can afford to miss this historic panel!

2:00pm - 3:00pm Room 29A

Why Fanfiction Is Taking Over the World

Fanfiction has recently moved into the spotlight, with fic authors getting impressive book deals and Amazon announcing Kindle Worlds. But there's a lot more to the story than Fifty Shades of Grey. Panelists Amber Benson (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Christina Lauren (tby789 and LolaShoes, Beautiful Bastard), Rachel Caine (Morganville Vampires, Weather Wardens), V. Arrow (aimmyarrowshigh, The Panem Companion), and Heidi Tandy (heidi8, Organization for Transformative Works) discuss how fan writing-from missing scenes to remixes and crossovers-and other fanworks re-imagine the boundaries of everything from sexuality and gender to character and authorship. They'll discuss the way fan culture is challenging today's entertainment and publishing industry norms, and consider the value a noncommercial creative space can bring to emerging and even professional writers and artists. Moderated by Anne Jamison (Fic: Why Fanfiction Is Taking Over the World).

2:00pm - 3:00pm

Showrunners Documentary Film Panel: Showrunning: The Hardest Job in Entertainment?

Showrunners, a new documentary film that takes the audience behind the scenes, into the writers' room and on set with candid interviews with 20 of today's top showrunners, presents an intimate discussion with the creators of your favorite TV shows! Tara DiLullo Bennett (Lost Encyclopedia, Fringe: Septembers Notebook) moderates a panel on the craft of running a television series with contributors featured in the documentary: Hart Hanson (Bones), Bill Prady (The Big Bang Theory), and Jane Espenson (Husbands, Once Upon A Time) plus others. The panel will also feature exclusive new footage from the film, which also includes Joss Whedon, J. J. Abrams, Ronald D. Moore, Damon Lindelof, and many more!

3:30pm - 4:30pm Room 26AB

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Delving into Season 8 and 9 with Series Artist Georges Jeanty

Comic-Con special guest Georges Jeanty takes you on an intimate journey through the life of the Scoobys as they continued on seasons 8 and 9 of the cult hit show. Anyone interested in Buffy, this panel is for you! Georges will be discussing his almost 20 years in the comic industry and talking about working with series creator Joss Whedon with stories and a Q&A about how these seasons came together...and maybe a little sing-along!

6:15pm - 7:15pm Ballroom 20

Dark Horse: Joss Whedon

Joss Whedon has rewarded fans the world over with some of the most compelling characters and plotlines in the history of comics, television, and movies. Here's your chance to find out what he has in store next, and get exclusive insight into Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Serenity, and much more!

7:00pm - 8:00pm Room 32AB

All Shapes and Sizes Welcome: Body Image and Women's Issues in Entertainment

Outspoken actresses, models, writers, and entrepreneurs share their own journey with body image, discrimination, and the road to self-love. Panelists Miracle Laurie (Dollhouse), Adrianne Curry (America's Next Top Model), Helenna Santos-Levy (founder, Ms. In The Biz), Dani Lennon (Bite Me), Elisa Teague (editor-in-chief, Cupcake Quarterly), Gloria Shuri Nava (The Beauty Adjustment), and moderator Leah Cevoli (Robot Chicken) discuss such hot topics as the sexualization of women in film and TV, beauty myths and mainstream media's perpetuation of them, eating disorders, and an acceptance for women of all shapes and sizes in the entertainment Industry, while inspiring others to get out there and live their best life.

8:00pm - 9:00pm Room 7AB

Husbands: The New Marriage

The hit series Husbands has just completed filming its first new content under its exciting new relationship with the CW, and has already had a big year with the release of the hardcover Husbands comic book. Hear about the bouquet of new plans, new stories from the set, and the show's ring of bigger-than-big guest stars. Creators Jane Espenson and Brad Bell are joined by Husbands' co-stars Alessandra Torresani and Sean Hemeon, director Jeff Greenstein, and upcoming guest star Amy Acker (Angel, Dollhouse, Much Ado About Nothing)to discuss the much-anticipated future happiness of the comedy. Moderated by Jeff Jensen (Entertainment Weekly).

We should be getting our first real season 10 news here I would think.
I'm surprised that Agents of SHIELD wasn't put in the bigger Hall H. However, I wonder if it's partly to schedule Joss's Dark Horse panel in the same room. Best of luck to everyone who was going on getting into Ballroom 20!

I went to SDCC once back in 2011 and had such an amazing time.
I will be in Hall H all day on Friday. Veronica Mars is what I am most excited about this year.
The counter programming of Veronica Mars, The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones in Hall H with Bones, AoS and Darkhorse in BR20 makes for some tough choices but much better crowd control and shorter lines. Good work, SDCC.
I'm going to be in Ballroom 20 on Friday :) I'm honestly going to be live tweeting for all the Whedon-y things so follow me on twitter at @lisatwingomez for that :) I also live tweeted last year :)
This is happening on my birthday. Husband asked me what I wanted this year....hmmmm

Seriously what a fantastic event for those going. Keep us updated.
Intrigued by what Amy Acker will be doing on Husbands— first I've heard of it.
Glad Joss is going to be doing the Darkhorse panel. He's been absent from the comics way too long.
Vampmogs, do you mean the same panel he did last year and the year before that?
No, I mean not writing a single issue since 9.01 and barely saying a word about them since 9.06 was released. Some of us think they have suffered greatly without his closer input and would like to hear his thoughts on the franchise again.
Ok. My point is he does the Dark Horse panel every year and is always forthcoming and excited about what is coming up in the comics. Which all leads me to believe that he is in full support of where the comics are currently. Also with Avengers 2 and AoS it is highly unlikely at best that his involvement in the comics (which I think are great!) will increase. If anything it will decrease in the next couple years. So I don't see your point unless it was hoping someone would try to publicly shame him into having more direct involvement which would be horrible and sad.
How does me stating that I'm glad he'll be at the Darkhorse panel equate to me hoping someone will "publicly shame him" into having more involvement with them? Talk about a giant leap! :/

All I did is express my gladness that he’ll be at the panel as he’s been absent from the comic scene for way too long. I do think the story has suffered greatly without his involvement – and by that I mean Joss no longer writing many issues himself and no longer checking each script as he did back in S8. I would like to hear his thoughts on the S9 storyline since we’ve practically heard none of them since the abortion storyline which was some time ago now. I don’t think that’s all that strange, do you? He used to be much more vocal in S1-S7, and even S8, and all I was saying was that I miss his input and getting to hear him speak about the franchise.

And yes, I'm well aware that with Avengers 2 and AoS that it's extremely unlikely his involvement in the comics is going to increase anytime soon. I think that's a damn shame since his issues of S8 were my favourites and I think the quality has nosedived in S9 without Whedon’s closer hand. I’ve been a big supporter of the comic continuations but if we’re heading to a point where Joss will almost cease to have any involvement with the story at all then I’ll question whether they’re worth continuing. For me Joss and BtVS go hand-in-hand and it’s just not the same with him only breaking down the story at the beginning of the season and having limited involvement after that *shrugs*
I must have misinterpreted that you thought Joss had something to answer for. Glad to be totally wrong on that count. I've been loving season 9 and will be happy to see season 10 continue in the same vein under Joss' able vision and direction. Pardon the misunderstanding. Glad we agree.
I too miss Joss writing comics. I'd like to think I can say that here without another member jumping down my throat for it.
In all fairness, Joss' Darkhorse panel isn't a "panel" at all. It's sponsored by Darkhorse, with Joss on stage by himself talking about anything that comes to mind: movies, tv, comics, politics, whatever. It's not 'about' the Darkhorse comics at all.
As it should be, Dean. Thanks for pointing that out.

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